Aboriginal Liaison Officer — Indigenous Liaison Officer

An indigenous liaison officer works for the economic development of the indigenous peoples and communities. Aboriginal Liaison Officers provide emotional, social, and cultural support to Aboriginal communities such as Inuit, First Nations, Metis of Canada.

Requirements for an Indigenous Community Liaison Officer:
Enjoy working with Indigenous peoples
Excellent communication and consultation skills
Of sound character
Tolerable traffic/criminal record
Mentally and physically fit

Education & Training for an Indigenous Liaison Officer
You can become an Indigenous community liaison officer in all provinces of Canada without formal qualifications, but employers normally expect Year 10. The Aboriginal people group contact official positions are Indigenous-explicit positions. Preparing is attempted at work and further review might be required. Training periods and requirements vary between the different provinces and territories of Canada. Contact the ItsTimeForChange to get the job as an indigenous liaison officer or to become or train as a liaison officer.

Jobs & Responsibilities of an Indigenous Community Liaison Officer

Indigenous community liaison officers:

Build good communication between police and local aboriginal communities

Help to resolve disputes involving police and Indigenous populations

Advocate and teach police officers on cross-cultural awareness

Apprise police on potential infringement and disorder regions and advise ways to stop crime and mischief

Improve community awareness about policing duties and law and order issues

Assist families attending Indigenous prisoners
Provide a bridge between police and Indigenous persons and their families involved in the juvenile justice method
Use relevant police powers and make prosecution briefs.


Indigenous Community Liaison Officer

Indigenous community liaison officers liaise with Aboriginal people groups or people groups and the area or domain police powers to set up and support positive connections.

Working conditions for an Indigenous Liaison Officer
Native people group contact officials are needed to work shifts, including ends of the week and public occasions, and may serve in metropolitan and far-off networks. Native people group contact officials generally have restricted police abilities, albeit in specific conditions they might help cops with law implementation undertakings like capture, search, and confinement. All things considered, completely sworn individuals from the police power play out this capacity gaining practical experience in the contact job.

ItsTimeForChange (ITFC) is an economic inclusion network for the economic development of the Indigenous communities of Canada. You can become an indigenous liaison officer or you can find indigenous liaison officers jobs here.

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My name is Walter Deagle, I lived in Wolfville city of Nova Scotia province in Canada. I am working to provide a better world for the aboriginal peoples of Canada.