For several decades, exercise and diet were the only two ways in which, people could reduce weight. However, it doesn’t work for all. Some cannot achieve a flat abdomen through exercise and diet alone. Many have found that liposuction is an effective way of losing weight. This procedure is safe and well worth the money spent if provided by an efficient and experienced plastic surgeon.

There are many reputable plastic surgery centers that provide safe and individualized abdomen liposuction for women as well as men. This procedure is carried out by professional plastic surgeons utilizing the advanced SmartLipo Triplex workstation introduced by Cynosure. SmartLipo Triplex offers laser liposuction treatment that is minimally invasive and with minimal risks.

Abdomen Liposuction for Removing Excess Fat

Distressing fat pockets are successfully destroyed by abdomen liposuction. While strenuous exercise and dieting give no worthwhile results, laser liposuction can. SmartLipo laser liposuction offers a number of benefits to women looking to shape up after pregnancy, and to men who wish to get rid of an unsightly paunch. With this procedure, you can obtain a contoured and flatter abdomen. There are many plastic surgeons specialized in performing liposuction of the abdomen. Abdominal fat that tends to develop due to genetics, aging and other factors can be effectively removed. SmartLipo offers a tighter, more attractive and slimmer abdomen.

Reasons to Opt for Abdomen Liposuction

•Stretching of abdominal muscles during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the abdominal muscles are stretched. Due to this, the lower abdomen bulges to a certain degree. Majority of the women who underwent the surgery have received positive results from this procedure.

•C-Section Bulge

Often, the Pfannenstiel incision is made across the lower abdomen for Caesarian sections. Due to this Pfannenstiel incision, there is a persistent bulge that is seen above the incision. This annoying deformity can be easily repaired by liposuction of the abdomen.

•Prior obesity

Due to prior obesity and subsequent weight loss, fat that is more fibrous is produced. Many people opt for this procedure to address this problem.

Smarlipo Triplex: a Safe Option

The SmartLipo Triplex system that is used for abdomen liposuction utilizes three powerful laser wavelengths 1320nm, 1064nm and 1440nm. It has three intelligent and unique delivery systems, ThermaView, SmartSense and ThermaGuide. The following benefits are offered:

•Scarring is minimal because it is a minimally invasive procedure
•Risks are minimized because local anesthesia is used
•Laser energy is precisely delivered and so, over treatment is prevented
•Reduction in surgical trauma owing to limited bleeding
•Superior tissue tightening
•Uniform treatment
•Faster treatment
•Quicker recovery

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Laser liposuctionis a breakthrough in the plastic and cosmetic surgery field, and has earned much appreciation as a safe and effective procedure that delivers results.Liposuction surgeryeffectively removes the excess fat and facilitates overall improvement of health.