Call centers and many companies belong to other industries use VICIDial and vTiger. The best way of using these solutions more effectively is integrating them with each other with the best VICIDial vTiger integration service. In fact, it is common to integrate both of these solutions to double their functional capabilities. Still, there are some people who don’t really have enough information about this powerful integration. In this article, I will share more details on the VICIDial vTiger integration so you can understand what it actually is and how it benefits the companies and call centers.


VICIDial is an open source call center solution. It has all basic features one need to run inbound, outbound and / or blended call center campaigns. The VICIDial is in use by many call centers all across the world in its pure form; some companies use the VICIDial solution with customization performed by the VICIDial experts.


It is an open source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. It is furnished with all features one needs to keep lead records more efficiently. The businesses can use the CRM solution to manage the different stages of the customers in the customer relationship life cycle.

VICIDial vTiger integration

It is a specialized service offered by the VoIP companies and integration specialists. In VICIDial vTiger integration, the VoIP experts integrate the VICIDial: Call Center Solution with vTiger: CRM system. The integration process gets performed with an aim to provide a single sing on solution. Here, single sign on means the executives or agents can access major features of both of these solutions within a single window.

The VICIDial vTiger integration can be of two types as briefed below:

• The click to call functionality gets added in the vTiger: CRM system. When the agents or executives click on that lead record / number, a call gets dialed out. Once the call is dialed out and gets connected, the dialer of the VICIDial: Call center solution gets opened within the vTiger solution. The dialer provides all major call controls such as, call mute and un-mute, call hold, call transfer, etc. Once the call is completed, the agent or executive can also add disposition which gets stored in the VICIDial: Call center solution.

• The second option is the calling process carried out via the VICIDial: call center software. Once the call gets connected, a CRM window pops up on the screen of the agent within the VICIDial: call center solution. This pop-up shows the record of the lead, which is fetched from the vTiger: CRM solution. The agent or executive can make changes in the lead record during or after the call. All the changes will be saved in the vTiger: CRM system as well as VICIDial: Call center software.

The VICIDial vTiger integration also provides some more features to automate actions like lead update, lead push, campaign creation, etc. The VICIDial vTiger integration helps in saving time, increasing productivity and increasing accuracy of lead data in both VICIDial and vTiger solution.

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Mehul Shah works in a company which offers VICIDial vTiger integration, VICIDial Zoho integration and any custom call center CRM integration for streamlined operations.