I love to travel. And, I recently got "the nudge". This meant I was ready to hit the road. One of the ways I get to travel as much as I like is to accept contract assignments. This opportunity provides me with a chance to travel and receive a fringe benefit of being paid to do it! My awesome reality is, I am being paid to do something I love.

My enthusiasm rose as I explored different contract opportunities. Where would I go next, who would I meet?

There were many recruitment firms and numerous contract opportunities available to me, However this time, nothing was meshing. Prospective assignments I was interested in fell through. Recruiters were calling who I preferred not handle my business, and on and on. Steadily I felt my gut tighten as frustration and stress built up within me. I was ready to hit the road again with no where to go!

I knew I was at that "place", again. The place where my bag of tricks was ineffectual. Nothing I tried gave me an anticipated outcome. It felt like I was going back to square one, over and over. A picture of a dog running in circles after its tail popped into my mind.

My dear friend Susan noticed I was perplexed so she suggested I try another approach. One that would perhaps make the process simpler and feel workable. I was in a predicament, so I was open and ready for a plan of attack that would get this proceeding flowing.

Here is what I began to do. I did not focus on the big picture anymore. When a matter presented itself; such as whether to answer or return a call from a recruiter, or if I got an impulse to make a call or email someone, I first asked; Do I do this? The reply to this question always was either a YES or a NO. Once again, I saw an achievable outcome because the process involved to get there felt capable of being done. And, I also became aware that all the mind chatter was gone. Hallelujah! I felt less burdened, and I relaxed as I focused my attention solely on what was to be handled now (what was on the plate in front of me). All the "Shoulds and/or What Ifs" ceased to be heard!

By implementing this approach my universe again broadened. Fear and frustration were replaced by wisdom and confidence. The yes and no answer technique broke the process down into the smallest and most manageable piece possible, making it feel doable. This straightforward method made everything clear and simple. I will never know the full affect of how this process assisted me. I do know it gave me an opportunity to consider fresh and viable options and yielded a contract position exceeding anything I would have imagined possible!

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