Hello, let me welcome you to the world of attitudes. It is a world of mirrors, where the way you define yourself positively reflects on you. It mirrors itself in your thoughts and actions. It forms your posture and affects your world view. Your attitude is the fragrance you leave behind everywhere you go. People take a whiff of it and determine the kind of person you are.

You may not have given your attitude a serious thought, but it is your authentic brand. People stop to smell your attitudinal fragrance whenever you announce your presence. Through that, they determine how you visualize yourself and what contributions you will bring to the table. You do same and it helps you determine the kind of relationship you will receive.

To gauge the importance of your attitude, think through this. Most of the time, we do not and cannot decide what situations and events befall us. That they say is the hallmark of life. How we react to what happens to us is what is important. And the biggest secret is that your attitude determines how you deal with what befalls you.

Now, let us get into your world of attitudes. A good starting point will be how you visualize yourself? What is your role on planet earth? Are you a citizen or consumer of this world? Are you just a user of the goods and services generated within the earth’s economy without any obligation towards ensuring its generativity because you are paying for these?

Or you are a participatory member of this earthly community with privileges and obligations and that you strive to obey the laws of the earth (nature) and defend it against its enemies? Which of the two roles best describes you in this world?

It is important you get a hang about the kind of individual you are, it helps to determine your attitude. You are the expert on ‘you’ and the best conclusions about 'you' can only be made by you. The way you describe yourself reflects the way you see the world. This ultimately reflects on you as your attitude.

This is because your attitude is a reflection of all the things that you have learned from all the experiences you have had in life. Our experiences by the way are a great source of our knowledge and worldview; it crafts our individuality and the sets of values and principles we hold dear.

That is the world of attitudes. You are the center of your attitudinal gravity. The truth is most individuals and teams have an attitude deficiency – an attitudinal crunch that needs to be stimulated. The stimulus package will be outlined here from time to time. It is aimed at upgrading and refining the various constituents of your attitude. That is the object of this blog, welcome to the world of attitudes. It is ‘a whole new attitude’.

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Author's Bio: 

Kodwo Brumpon, is a professional speaker, trainer, and a management consultant. He has taught and inspired others to achieve their goals. He has ten years of experience working with people and all types of businesses in crafting their ideal and successful image. He also runs a mentoring program for teenagers in Ghana called 'Hold-a-hand'.