I shouldn’t watch the news anymore… I was watching the hearing on what will be done to fix the current state of sad affairs and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing… to paraphrase, because I don’t write word for word notes while livid…

“We’ve done a lot of thinking about it and that seems like the best number.”
Yeah, seven hundred billion has always sounded like a good number to go after for me too… I’ll put that on my "to-do" list.

“It’s got to work, it’s too big to fail.” Come-on… give me a break, nothing is too big to fail… It might be too important to fail, but nothing is never too big to fail! I found myself screaming at the TV “OMG, these people that we’ve put in charge don’t know what the hell they are doing!” Okay, enough ranting, back to us down here in the trenches…

I think we all know people that are experiencing difficult times these days. People are mad, sad, worried about work and life… so I want to start a brainstorm-type of conversation with you today. I pose two vital and serious questions that we can all learn from each other with. Please feel free to answer one or both or pose another question for us to ponder…

• What is the one thing that you are most afraid of that could put you out of business before the end of 2009? (Do you realize that is only 462 days away.)
• What is one thing you are or can do to get through these times? Big or little, doesn’t matter, share with us. My friend Jim told me yesterday, he was having fun (and saving money) making his own peanut butter.

It’s time we pitch in together. Less competition, more collaboration!

To get our conversation going I offer 3 free things we can all do.

1. Talk to someone. We are not alone in this. Share your concerns and success. Encourage others, a little known fact is while you are encouraging others you are actually changing your mood as well.

2. Try not to dwell on the negatives, instead use that time to get a back up plan going.

3. Laugh. Watch a funny movie. Look through old family photos and wonder whatever
was I thinking when I wore my hair that way or picked that outfit. Share fun memories.

I will always remember when Adam was about 14, he announced he was joining the downhill ski-racing team (having little skiing experience.) Over my gasps of WHAT! I heard “Yeah mom… Life sometimes sucks. Buy a helmet. Adapt and Overcome! (Four years later he placed in the state championship finals…)
Hang in there everyone. It will get better.

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