The fourth and last quarter of the year is often the most critical to obtain a good annual review or a promotion, because it comes right before review time, and people, including managers, tend to remember recent events better than older ones. However, Q4 is also the most stressful, fast-paced, tiring time of the year because of the holidays and the end of fiscal year for many companies.

So a relatively easy way to stand out is to be more productive and calmer than everyone else during this period. By getting organized, it is easily possible to regain an hour every day that becomes available to deal with other people’s emergencies without rush.

By learning some keys to effective time management, it is easy to reclaim yet more time for important assignments and being available to support and help colleagues and co-workers. By acquiring some basic stress management techniques, it is further possible to reduce overall stress level, and avoid being caught into other people’s stress, projecting an aura of calm, poise and control in the midst of a storm.

Being calm, able to think clearly in the middle of an emergency, getting the work done and helping others are all qualities that managers are looking for in their staff, and are ready to reward come review time...

Want the results, but not sure how to get it done? Peaceful productivity consultants, or easy do-it-yourself programs are there to help you get started.

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Karin Stewart Ph.D. is a peaceful productivity expert and author of the popular "Holiday Survival to Holiday Delight" (, an eGuide that walks you through a peaceful and relaxed holiday season. She works with clients who want to bring calm into their busy lives, be truly productive and have the life they really want. To learn how to become a peacefully productive Daily Master and get your f*r*e*e Time Management Guide, go to