I’ve just recently taken to switching off my computer during the day. No, I’m not ill, I just needed a change. So determined am I to succeed at my internet biz, that I totally switched off. Now, this may seem weird to all you cybernuts out there, but I haven’t left the throng. I’m just taking on a different angle.

When the computer’s buzzing ( and they do - listen ) and you’re flying around cyber space forgetting where you came in, you are positioning yourself in a different world, and it can be stressful, to say the least.

You duck around the scam sites, skip over the sales pitches, get lost in the funnies, and through all this you manage to save hundreds of pages to ‘get back to later’. Sound familiar?

Now, try this. Turn off the computer, not right at this moment, when you’re ready J. Get out of the room - preferably go outside. Don’t leave the computer on for when you get back. Part of your brain will still be with it. Turn it right off, even at the plug if you can.

Tune in to something else, if only for half an hour. It’s surprising how many chores or how much gardening can be done in thirty minutes. What about that work-out you’ve been promising yourself. Get those endorphins moving. Maybe it’s lunchtime - already?. So go make a healthy meal.

When you can’t bear the silence anymore, turn on the radio and listen to a play or take in the news if you must. Or better still, put on your favourite dance track and dance like a crazy for five minutes, or longer if you’ve got it in you!

After all that you will be so out of tune with your PC, you’ll have to turn it on and fall in love with it’s power all over again.

A fresh start can be found at any moment. Try it, you’ll get so much more done and feel a million dollars!

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Linda has been working from home for a number of years and appreciates the value of not getting stressy with the technology at her fingertips! Lots of home and garden and Healthy Living ideas here: