I begin this by asking you two simple questions. Where are you? and what time is it? Almost everything I will write has a martial arts theme. That is because martial arts is part of who I chose to be. It is not who I am, but simply part of me. The reason I refer so often to it is because it has been and still is a great vehicle for my understanding of life in general.

Yesterday several of my students completed their level one Kyusho Jitsu exams (Black Belt). There was a year of preparation and classes to take this 3 hour written and physical exam. They all felt stressed and nervous, as most people would while waiting to face this or any other test. As they were writing this test I wanted to stop and ask them the questions above.

Where are you, and what time is it?

As I have stated so many times in different essays, in classes and to students and people who come to ask for advice, the purpose of life is to be happy. Are you happy? Sometimes they understand, but some will look at me like I am from mars.

As my students, (Kyusho or Hapkido) work and prepare for their goal of Black Belt do they only focus on the goal they wish to reach? I hope not. Like anything in life it is never about the goal, getting a Black Belt or not getting a Black Belt, it is about the JOURNEY. The journey is were true happiness is found, never the destination.

So, where are you? What time is it?

No matter where you are right now, at home, at work or at school stop and take a look around you. Take out the garbage that is running in your mind and pay attention to what is going on around you. There is ALWAYS sometime going on around you. THERE ARE NO ORDINARY MOMENTS.

Where are you?

What time is it?

The past is gone, the future has not been written and is not relevant anyways. What matters is what is happening in this moment, not the last or the next but this one. Empty the garbage from your mind and focus on this moment. If you are drinking a coffee right now TASTE IT. If there is music LISTEN to it.

Where am I? I am HERE.

What time is it?The time is NOW

When you understand and practice being in the moment, you will be on the journey to happiness.

Author's Bio: 

Art Mason is a professional martial artist and school owner.