Emotional Freedom, Australia
A Peaceful Future
You can look forward to a peaceful future!

A future without emotional pain! A future where you are in charge of your emotions, rather than being controlled by negative emotions! A future where you are free of anger! A future where you are free of guilt! A future where you are free of fear! A future where your relationships with others are based on what is happening currently and not based on your pain from your past.
You might currently be feeling depressed, angry, hopeless or even physically sick because these emotional blocks are in place. If you could clear the emotional blockages which have prevented you from finding peace in your emotional life, you could live a peaceful life.
You might have emotional blocks from your childhood. Many people are limited from achieving success and happiness because of emotional blocks have been put in place when significant people in their life say things like; ‘You will never amount to anything.’ ‘Who do you think you are?’ ‘Why can’t you be more like ......?’ ‘People like us don’t have success in life.’ ‘Money is the root of all evil.’
Perhaps you suffered from a traumatic experience which has defined who you are up until now. Sexual abuse or any other kind of child abuse could leave you feeling like the world is not a safe place to be. Maybe you learned that if you trust someone you will be hurt or if you love someone they will leave you.
Car accidents or war trauma can have life changing impact on you. A peaceful future would be one free of flashbacks, nightmares and other trauma symptoms.
Many of our parents were struggling to survive in their own circumstances. Their struggle meant that they were unable to provide their children with all the love and attention a child needs. This is not about blaming parents. Most clients are able to see, sometimes after quite a struggle, that their parents were doing the best they could with the skills and abilities they had. These clients come to a place where they can let go of the hurts and pains of the past.
Have you been devastated by a broken relationship? Are you left feeling hopeless and stuck? Maybe your life was good until you started to have love relationships. Trust may have been broken at this point in your life. If you feel that you can never trust again, I can assure you that this is not the case at all. It is possible to rebuild trust! I have seen trust be rebuilt many many times.
So many people struggle every day with depression, anxiety or panic. If you are one of these people I strongly encourage and invite you to contact me for assistance. Most clients have relief from their symptoms within the first couple of sessions and total clearance of their symptoms within weeks.
New energy psychology techniques can relieve all of these issues. They work quickly and very effectively. Once the emotional blockage is cleared, it stays cleared. These techniques are relatively new. However, they are based on our energy meridians which have been an integral part of eastern medicine for more than 5000 years.
Of course new problems will present themselves as you move through your life but with these new energy psychology techniques you will have tools that you can use yourself at any time, in any place, to relieve stress, anxiety, sadness or any other negative emotion.
If you would like your future to include emotional freedom and personal peace, please contact Suzanne Scarrow at Personal Peace Clinic in Cairns on 4033 0725 or 0402 676 807 or suzanne@personalpeace.com.au or visit my website at www.personalpeace.com.au .

Suzanne Scarrow from Personal Peace Clinic, Cairns, Queensland, Australia
20 April 2008

Author's Bio: 

Suzanne Scarrow is a psychologist who has always believed in counselling as a way of healing. When she found Emotional Freedom Techniques she was able to give her client more personal power. Once the emotional disturbances had been cleared, clients naturally connect with who they really are. It is a joy to watch as a therapist.

Suzanne practices at her Personal Peace Clinic in Cairns, North Queensland, Australia.