One of the biggest frustrations of having a business can be managing staff. It’s frustrating to have a team member who is constantly off the mark in terms of what you need from them. This is also one of the easiest problems to solve when you use the right tools that allow you to hire the right people for the right roles the first time – its called a Role Description.

When you write your role description, make sure you skip the typical corporate jargon talking about communication, organization and leadership skills. Instead, go straight to what you want to team member to do and be responsible for. I encourage my Virtual Team Building Telebootcamp participants to even map out what specific types of activities you expect them to perform. If you write in simple language tailored to your business, a role description can lead you to the “right” person.

With this foundation in place from the get-go you will have more time to focus on your business and away from managing people. Also keep in mind that the cost of replacing people (who aren’t right for the job you need done) is astronomical. Not only is there the cost for classified ads, job fairs, training programs, etc.– it’s your TIME that is the most valuable. It’s obviously much more effective when people know what you expect from them.

Keep in mind it’s also very frustrating for the person you are hiring to not know exactly what’s expected of them. Imagine having your client (or boss) constantly frustrated with you because you CAN’T READ THEIR MIND! The right candidate may actually not see you as a good fit for them simply because you haven’t prepared.

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