We usually think of July as a month to get out and socialize, have fun, celebrate Summer and be thankful for the glorious sunshine here in the Northern Hemisphere; so it was very surprising to me when the theme of looking within continued to come up in personal sessions with my clients. But this was no ordinary looking inward, these people were being asked to explore things about themselves they did not like. Often times, things they had put aside, buried, denied and even convinced themselves were not a part of who they are today would demand their attention.

This can be a hard road. I have walked it many times with different characteristics and behaviors of my own that have come sneaking up out of nowhere, clawing their way to the surface, refusing to stay in the depths of the oblivion to which I had banished them. I have always been thankful for my Guides and Angels who watch over me during those times. Rarely did I have the courage to look at myself and ask for help from friends or family. As a matter of fact, I never did. It was too painful or shameful and the fear of rejection threatened the very air I breathed. For many years I simply refused to look at "it", whatever the issue was, at all. I simply changed everything I had to change and avoided what I had to avoid to keep the status quo of denial in tact. This never solved the turmoil that continued to plague my life and the unrest it caused was not something I could live with. Finally, I allowed the Universe to provide a catalyst that would change this pattern... A brief crossing of paths with someone who could hold the space for me steady and strong enough that I could clearly see my own inner light.

In that moment I could see that all the shadow aspects of my self were unpolished and untamed strengths. My choice to not fully accept, love and forgive those behaviors, characteristics and family secrets had turned part of my self into my own enemy. Bit by bit I began to bring them into the light and examine them, sometimes cringe from them, and thankfully to eventually understand and accept them. Each time I went through the process it became more familiar, not necessarily easier, but more progressive. Always supportive, the Universe continuously provided more ways for me to go deeper and the strength to see it through. I am not silly enough to think that I have explored them all, moving into a spherical paradigm will assure that they visit me again, but I do rest comfortably in knowing that I am much less afraid to meet them head on and see them for their truth ~ a part of me that needs my acceptance and to belong to the whole.

BEHIND EVERY SHADOW IS A LIGHT. That is what Spirit said when I began questioning the readings. By understanding this, we are allowing our hearts to open fully and lead us into the life of our dreams. We cannot create a whole and joyful life while denying any aspect of our Self. Hiding behind good deeds does not change the skeletons in the closet, nor does it make them go away, but if we bring them into the Light they become much less frightening. We have already survived it once (at least, if not more) and continuing to deny something only gives it power over us. Eventually, the area in our body where we "store" these issues begins to get overwhelmed and aches, pains or disease are created.

The Universe will present nothing we cannot handle, mostly because we are putting in the orders of what we want, and also because the Source energy is unconditionally loving. My motto for the LCTM classes has always been "the quickest way out of something is through it, the quickest way through it is to do it". We are all being called to clear this old baggage at all levels: spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. Allow yourself to look into your shadows and see through to the Light that is creating it. Take responsibility for your creations. If you are finding more shadow, it may be that you need to look at it from a different perspective. That is what friends, family or counselors are for; and let's not forget our Angels and Guides. There is plenty of help out there once you are ready to journey inward.

Author's Bio: 

Lynn is an Emotional Intuitive, Channel& Wellness Consultant. Her purpose is to beacon remembrance of Freedom and Truth throughout humanity. She uses her gifts to assist others in healing their physical, emotional and mental bodies as they transition into the life they desire.

Her background includes nearly two decades of mentoring under renowned Spiritual Nutritionist/ Counselor and Wholistic Healer, Shelley Summers, as well as five years intensive study at Spirit School of the Intuitive Arts. Lynn is certified as an Essential Eating Guide through Shelley and award-winning author, Janie Quinn She is currently studying to be a Certified Herbal Consultant with Steven Horne, Family Herbalist through The School of Natural Healing and to obtain her Doctorate in Naturopathy through Trinity School of Natural Health.

Lynn is the host of the popular internet radio show The Honoring Hour with her co-host JR Adams. She also writes a monthly e-newsletter, Circle of Self.