Meditation is the point where our minds become centered and focused on the now. The first thing that needs to be done is to learn how to breathe. Not just inhale a little air and exhale, but take in a deep cleansing breath. Breathing is important to meditating. When a person breathe with their whole body they cleanse the system of old stale air and charge our lungs with new, clean, fresh oxygen.
Now find a safe comfortable place to meditate. In this safe place start breathing deeply. Feel the energy flow through your body. Focus on a simple object. It should be something simple such as a piece of fruit or a simply shaped object. Some have recommended the flame of a candle; many have found this does not work for them. Let the mind relax. In the beginning the mind will continuously interrupt with thoughts and concerns. This is natural. Accept these thoughts and concerns and let them go. Continue focusing on the chosen object.

Now feel the top of the head and let the energy coming down from above. Let this energy in; concentrate on opening up the top of the head to accept this energy. Visualize the bright, blue white, light completely filling the head. This is pure healing energy.

Now count slowly from ten to zero. As the count approaches zero consciously relax the body starting at the feet moving up the legs, abdomen, through the chest, and finally the face and scalp. As the body relaxes it will start to feel light. At this point there maybe a temptation to sleep. Stop and come back to the meditation later. If in bed this may help with getting to sleep and sleeping through the night.

Now the body and mind are relaxed and centered in the now. Concentrating on a simple object will help keep the mind in the now. As stated earlier the mind will tend to wander; this is natural. As we progress the interruptions will become further apart until there are no interruptions for ten or more minutes. This is the state known as being in the Void. Where the logical mind (the left side) is quiet and the intuitive mind (the right side)is dominate. This is the state where a person can hear their guides. Many have reported that they felt closer to their God. While in this state the mind will regenerate and heal. This healing will help with many common ailments; such as substance abuse and interpersonal relations. A word of caution if there are any health concerns they should be addressed by a competent medical professional.

As the practitioner moves along this journey they may find that they are more at ease and peaceful. Everyone should avoid stimulating drinks and food before meditating as this may negatively affect their meditations.

It is our hope that this beginning guide to meditation is helpful.


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