It’s time for summer vacation, and that means looking for a good time wherever you go. If you’re taking your pooch along, then you’ve probably had to make extra plans – But they will be completely worth your while. What better way to have fun than with your best friend! You have chosen a destination that welcomes animals and you have found a great pet-friendly hotel. You look your best on vacation and so should your pooch. From the ride to the wear, here are some tips for your and your pooch to make that next trip unforgettable.

Start with the travel arrangements. Whether you are driving or flying, there is a multitude of stylish pet carriers and crates. In the car, consider using a luxury booster seat. These seats strap to the passenger seat, and provide a comfy place for your pooch to travel. The booster seats are available in different colors and fabric patterns, so you’re sure to find one to match your pup’s personality.

For a serene mountain getaway: Mountain vacations are not just for the winter. A trip to the mountains can appeal to any vacationer. You can relax, find a little relief from the heat, and pamper your outdoorsy ego all while your pet enjoys the same things. Taking your pet along requires a little more preparation, but you can be sure he’ll be a hit once you get there.

For the toy pup, grab a carrier that looks like a stylish purse. Since you’re traveling to the mountains, consider earthy tones. The Down East pet carrier looks just like a designer handbag with white canvas sides and brown leather trim. The Newport pet carrier is another designer carrier made from tweed and brown leather. Tweed compliments almost any outfit, so it can go wherever you go.

If you are the rugged type then its off to fun in the great outdoors with camping. Remember you will need a comfy place for your pet to relax and sleep. The Canine Camper is perfect for the outdoors. With large mesh windows, the Canine Camper provides a comfortable bug-free escape for your pet. It’s padded, so it also makes a great bed or travel crate. The Portable Pet Cot is also great for the outdoors dog. Raised off the ground, the mesh bottom keeps your pet cool while keeping the crawling bugs off.

If you plan on going hiking, then consider your dog’s ability. You may need to pack a stroller to take along on the trip. Strollers are great to use if your dog is older, disabled, or just tired from all exercise. They are also great to use in places (or on trails) where dogs are not allowed to walk. Find an off-road stroller, such as the Jeep Rubicon, to make your hiking trips easier.

For a sunny beach getaway: It’s very common for people to vacation at the beach. There are many beaches that allow leashed or contained dogs. Before you pack your pup in the car, make sure your destination is dog friendly.

Taking your pet along in a stylish purse is a great idea for the beach, too! Instead of going with earthy colors, be bright and vibrant. The Rio pet carrier comes in three different colors and patterns. With the side flaps, your pet is able to poke his head out of this bag and check out the scenery. A pet stroller can also come in handy where pets are not allowed!

While you’re on the beach, provide a place for your pet to lie without getting all sandy. Instead of lugging around a big dog bed, grab a stylish crate pad for your trip. The Zoo Rest pet pad is great for travel, because it can be easily washed in a washing machine and dryer. The pad is also fun since it comes in styles such as zebra, cow, and giraffe.

Since it’s hot at the beach, don’t forget to keep your pet cool. Instead of taking a plain water bowl, look for a freezable one; it will keep the water colder longer. You can even purchase a cool bandana for your pooch. The bandana wraps around your dog’s neck, and helps cool him off when the temperature gets hot.

You don’t have to sacrifice style or happiness when traveling with your pet. Whether you’re going on a hiking adventure in the mountains or a sun-bathing adventure at the beach, you can find items that match your dog and your trip. No matter where you go or what you do, always keep your dog’s safety in mind.

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