Yes, simply decide where you want to be in life and take the necessary steps to give your life the X-Factor you want for it. You will be surprised how much you will achieve by yourself and how much help you will get to assist you on your way once you “put it out there” or declare your intention. Yes, there will be those that want to put “the mockers” on you, belittle your dreams, if you choose to listen to them you might just end up where they want you to be instead of where you want to be yourself. I was one of nature’s best cynics. If someone told me a simple way to do something, I’d look for the catch, the reasoning behind it being, that nothing, absolutely nothing in life, was simple! To me, life was very, very difficult. I had the belief that if I wanted something badly enough I had to struggle to get it, that way I’d appreciate it more…..if I got it. Note the IF. I didn’t always expect to get what I wanted. I got exactly what I expected!

Then in January 2006 I was watching television, the presenter of the show was using NLP with his audience, I was fascinated…and hooked. How could he make what he was doing seem so easy, even to me, in another country watching him once a week? But easy it was, I got similar results to the studio audience and was amazed at how easy it was, there was no struggle. I simply decided I was going to do this, and I did! I discovered I quite liked getting what I wanted, achieving a goal in a manner that didn’t feel like a struggle.

So I decided that I was going to find out all I could about NLP, if at all possible I was going to train in NLP. At the time I didn’t have any spare money, although that was an issue for me I set a goal in place so that within a year I would be training in NLP. Within that year I had put some of the required sum aside, was planning to borrow the rest when I saw a brochure for adult night classes in a nearby town. In it was an Intro To NLP night class, I reckoned I could learn the basics there, then go abroad and train properly. I was absolutely thrilled to discover that the woman giving the night classes was a qualified NLP Trainer and she would be running an NLP Practitioner course the following month, at one third the cost of travelling abroad, and less than twenty minutes from where I lived. I was ecstatic. I qualified in June 2007 as a practitioner, up-skilled in June 2009 to Master NLP practitioner, Master Time Line Therapy practitioner, Master NLP coach and Master Hypnotist again saving some of the money, negotiating a payment plan for the balance.

One of the questions my original trainer asked me when I’d just qualified in June 2007, was where I saw myself in two years time and I answered that I wanted to be teaching the night classes she was teaching, when she gave them up. I had put it into my goal timeline and promptly forgot all about it. Meanwhile I continued to up-skill, to use what I’d learnt as part of my daily life, in 2009, two years later, I started teaching the Intro To NLP classes, offered to me by my old trainer as she was moving her focus onto something else.

So decide your destiny, then go live the life you want, do what it takes to get there. Along the way you might find you divert to a different path, but life is all about using what is put in front of us, turning it to our advantage. We often go on a side-track, swerve back onto our original path with a lot more knowledge and skills than before we diverted. It is amazing how when we look back, see the struggles we had to get where we are now, how much we made it difficult for ourselves and how much easier we could have done things. With that knowledge, I step forward towards the life I am creating for myself, the obstacles, well they are sign-posts and land marks showing me how much I really want this life, marking my journey.

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