Only God is innocent and beyond illusion. Yet it is my good fortune that in this life such situations have not occurred wherein I had to walk against the direction of ideals and spiritual values. Human beings generally imbibe the wrong path and actions due to delusion and greed. Between these 2 there is always wrestling. Till today that vile day has not dawned wherein they have created my downfall. Further my days of living in solitude are full of hardships and obstacles. My old withered physical body demands rest and help. In its place one has to endure with effort life time imprisonment like torture and on top of it to bear the aspersion that one is a hard hearted escapist, only a big fool would get ready to accept it. Not even an iota of a change has taken place in my intellect of discrimination from the aptness standpoint. Hence it is not right to feel that suddenly the urge came and that task is being carried out which near and dear ones do not desire. In order to solve this problem those reasons will have to be unearthed as a result of which I am bound to undergo this bitter experiment.

By itself the new step of subtlizing the psyche is very important for world welfare and higher goals yet since with reference to it one does not think deeply it would appear that the decision is erroneous. As a result of this experiment everyone will face discomfort and in the historical moment of Era Junction what should have happened will not take place and instead obstacles will manifest. It was hence thought prudent to make efforts to overcome it.

It is beyond doubt that today’s times are becoming more painful. In the visible and invisible worlds there is fear of total destruction wherein the earth can be pounded to pulp. Nuclear weapons, chemical weapons etc are so much on the rise that there is no need to fight face to face. In fact one may fall asleep soundly at night and yet the next day one can be found dead. Powerful nations are so hell bent on increasing the potentials of destruction that no other country is willing to step back from this dangerous path. Mythology says that total annihilation of the world is thousands of years away. Yet when the means to die reach their pinnacle as is being witnessed today, annihilation will take as quickly which is like throwing a small lit matchstick on a pile of bombs. May be a world war will not take place yet causes like air pollution, radiations, population explosion, depletion of oil and gas reserves, forest erosion, birds/beast population depleting etc are akin to a cold war taking place the world over in a slow but steady manner. Poisonous germs are so tiny yet even a mighty wrestler can get attacked by cancer, TB etc so as to result in death.

Since bad thoughts and vile activities have reached their peaks self control is almost coming to an end everywhere. Unruliness, indiscipline, crime etc have crossed their limits. Cunningness is looked upon as a ‘great quality’ to imbibe. Families are breaking up in a big way. Good character has become mere lip service. Ideals and values are yet there because they render speeches and discourses very flowery. While writing speeches these words are used every now and then. Intellectuals have adopted this method and the laymen too are following suit. Trends and movements seen today are leading us to nothing but a downfall. Neither the individual is at peace nor is society joyful. Generations are born with such inner taints that it will lead to the downfall of themselves, their families and world society at large.

There is no difference whether we all die due to a hot or a cold war. Either it is the General’s gun or the butcher’s knife. What is the difference? The goat will definitely die in either case. World society and its denizens are definitely going to get pounded. In very hot season even if you sprinkle a bit of water the harvest will definitely wither. Man’s glory remains unprotected because of distrust, suspicion, indefiniteness, insecurity etc. When dogs turn mad they kill each other. When human beings turn insane they behave like unruly ghosts. They will think only of burning themselves and others or getting scared and casting fear in the minds of others. One can hence imagine under these conditions how deep the pit of defeat and downfall of world humanity will be. The above facts will definitely induce a shudder in the minds of great thinking people of the world.

These are not beliefs, wild imaginations or desires. In fact these are situations which like a clean mirror are reflected for us to see. It cannot be called even an astrological or other type of prediction. When the above facts are deeply cogitated over by powerful politicians, economists, socialists, scientists etc they too will realize and exclaim in one voice that world humanity is running towards a ‘program’ of collective suicide. In the near future the situation will worsen so much that it will be too late to repair it. There is a limit within which things can be corrected. If the limits are crossed what will remain is only repentance.

In these days most definitely we are living under dire conditions. As per mythological description it can be called defeat of demigods at the hands of demons. There was a time when demons like Hiranyaksha, Hiranyakashipu, Vritrasura, Bhasmasura etc had created terror and uprooted the demigods. This symbolic description is very much in tandem with today’s circumstances. If we compare the situations of past demonic times like those of Kansa and Ravan then it seems history is repeating itself today. In those days only rulers created terror but today everyone is following suit including ruler-citizens, rich-poor, educated-uneducated, orator-audience etc. Cunningness and vile activities have become the name of the game. Ethics and self restraint are weakening day by day.

There are 2 solutions available. One is that like a scared pigeon we shut our eyes tight and thus surrender to our downfall. Let things go on as they are. The other solution is that make as much effort as possible. There was a bird which had dried up the mighty ocean to get back its eggs. We must hence not wistfully say that things are not in our hands.

In order to overcome dire situations everyone works as per ones capacity and yet for a steady solution one has to search for the key that unlocks the closed lock. It is not as though no one is making efforts. The government is disbursing funds, scientists are working day and night in their laboratories, economists are working hard to augment wealth etc. Yet in order to overcome today’s dire problems no worthwhile solution has been found. The rope always appears to be less for tying. It is like a blind woman making wheat flour and the dog nearby eating it up. In political meetings nothing seems to work. Clouds of anarchy are looming large. In regional problems language barriers, sectarianism, terror, unions, strikes etc are ruling the roost. Although the number of hospitals and doctors are on the rise yet the number of patients the world over too are increasing at an alarming rate. The number of police force is increasing but criminal activities surpass them by miles. Along with inflation adulteration and illegal activities too are on the rise. Day in and day out one hears of drug addictions, dowry complaints etc. No amount of discourses in order to ward them off is working. Man is becoming hollow character wise and society is weakening. There is no end to hardships and world problems.

There are many who are immersed in amassing wealth but they are harassed by envious, criminals and those who take bribes. Illegal earnings ultimately get misused in bad habits, addictions etc.

This is not a picture of over statement. If one but opens one’s eyes of wisdom all this will be witnessed. One can see it anywhere and everywhere. The worry is not only regarding increase of problems and undesirable activities but the main worry is that no apt solution for all this is being found. Reformists today are like that drop of water falling on a hot plate which vanishes in no time. Movements like Sarvodaya too failed. How much success did Arya Samaj get in warding off blind beliefs? One can find out from associations who fight drug/alcohol addictions and illegal activities as to how far they have succeeded. Even the discourses of so called religious leaders and religious orators have become merely a source of entertainment. When one analyzes the activities of orphanages, women’s homes, hermitages, handicapped centers etc one will realize that hardly much help is being given to its members. The well is full of dangerous drugs. Those who say we will reform society are themselves tainted in character. Are not criminal activities being encouraged almost openly? Under these circumstances only darkness looms large in front of true thinkers and they realize that worse days are not far off. There are people who try to stop all this yet themselves are full of despair.

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