The hockey stick is recognized to be a piece of equipment which is used in hockey for shooting, passing and carrying the puck across the field. They happen to be 150 to 200 cm in length approximately. They are comprised of a slender and long shaft with the aid of one flat extension at one end which is known as a blade. The blade is considered to be the part of the stick which is used for contacting puck.

Several discussions are going on regarding the pros and cons of wood and composite Hockey Sticks in the past few years. The fact is that wood sticks have almost disappeared in these days. Wood sticks are known to be viable at times and are preferred option at times.

There are several benefits off using newer composite sticks.

Benefits of using Hockey Sticks

The sticks happen to be lighter in weight. They are consistent from one stick to the other. They have been engineered for providing a quick shot to players. The quick shots are known to come from lower kick points which are present in composite sticks. The kick point is that they play on hockey shaft where there is bending of the stick during puck. With wood shafts, the bends are essentially where you should be placing the lower hand. This causes a slower and larger loading as well as the release of the cycle. Low kick point composites are known to place the bend point below the shaft near the blade. This confers shorter loading as well as releasing of the cycles. The net resultant counts to be quicker shot.

Hockey sticks as the primary choice of players

In case you have played hockey game before hand, there are higher chances that you start with the aid of wood hockey stick. They are still considered to be the top choice for the beginner hockey player of today. Wood hockey sticks count to be availed at the reduced cut off from the pocket. This is beneficial at the beginning where you are just about to get started and need to gear up different types of equipment which are required for playing hockey. Another benefit of wood sticks is that they bestow a better feel for the beginner players for the puck. If you have been playing hockey for a longer period of time, you will be capable of judging the qualities of the hockey stick and understand how they suit your style of playing. This is considered to be a good point for investing whether a composite hockey stick makes sense for you.

Wood sticks

A wood stick is recognized to be a great hockey stick for beginners. In the early years of playing hockey, the benefit of composite hockey stick over the wood one is beyond the capability of procuring the benefit. The light weight of the composite sticks happens to be an exception to the rule. The price counts to be another factor which influences the purchasing decision of composite versus wood hockey stick. The key for figuring out is whether the advantages of the composite stick are worth the additional bucks you will be spending.

As you have made your choice, you still require selecting the blade pattern for matching the preferences and shooting left or right handed. Your stick should be long enough for coming up to the chin area where you can stand in stakes and hold the hockey stick in a vertical way with one end on the ground before you. Hockey sticks possess flax to shafts like other golf clubs. You will require a flex which works for your style and skill and overall the strength and weight of the body.

You can try a wide variety of sticks in order to choose the one which is suited for your skills in the right way within your exclusive budget.

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