Dubrovnik has become more and popular since the world famous series Game of thrones was filmed there inside the walls of the old town. This historical city that was ancient Greek colony, then part of the roman empire and lately conquered by Slavic people, it is a world-class destination that can satisfy the needs of every kind of traveler.

On my stay in Dubrovnik I rented an Airbnb 30 minutes’ walk from the old town. It was a charming walk through the old and narrow streets that is worth to do. When arriving the first time to the walls of the ancient city I was impressed to see so many tourists, there was really a multitude of people coming from all the world. We need to mention that Dubrovnik is a popular destination in the Adriatic where cruises stop here and let people visit it for one or two days.

About the beaches I can say that they will leave you speechless. For a further reading you can go ahead and read this article about best beaches in Dubrovnik. The most popular beach, that is located next to the old city, is called Banje. From this beach you have an amazing view from the Dubrovnik and you will be able to take great shots. There is also there a restaurant and roof-top bar.

Another great experience you can enjoy in Dubrovnik is with no doubt, the culinary experience. You can try the oyster and variety of fishes as well as non-sea food dishes in the local restaurants. The prices usually are little pricey. You would need to go very far away from the city center in order to find better prices but this is not a good idea. It is worth to have an unforgettable experience and have a fantastic dinner in the old town, with candle lights and all the romantic atmosphere around.

If you want to have a panoramic view from Dubrovnik and the surrounded islands, one of the best options is to take the cable car that goes up to the hill called Mount Srđ. This is a must if you want to appreciate the panoramic scene of the most beautiful city in the Adriatic Sea.

What to see in the old town?

Well, the list is huge but I will mention some of the most important things. One of them is the medieval pharmacy. It has an incredible state of conservation, just as nothing has changed in the last 700 years. And still works! Yes, if you need you can buy there anything you wish you like in whatever pharmacy.

You can also visit and go through the city walls of Dubrovnik. Take into account you need to pay an entrance fee for this that costs around 20 EUR. The good about this is that you will have a nice and very close view to the old town in addition to the charming experience of walking by a place full of history.

The city’s cathedral is one of Dubrovnik’s most iconic places. With its baroque architecture, it is worth to enter and admire the interior’s artwork.

Another place to feel history is the Franciscan Monastery. This building dates back from the 1300s. It has a mix of architectural styles, from gothic, baroque and Romanesque.

Day trips from Dubrovnik

Very near from Dubrovnik you have great alternatives to spend a fantastic day. Just 15 minutes away, in direction to Montenegro, is the little and historical town of Cavtat. This an ideal place for families who prefer tranquility and beaches without much people. In this village there are great option for accommodation as well as bars and restaurants with high quality of services.

If you continue 30 minutes more following the seaside route, you will arrive to Kotor ( in Montenegro), a unique Historical Unesco heritage site. Similar like Dubrovnik, this ancient city has well preserved city walls and a magnificent view to the Boka Kotorska Fjords. A good things is that prices are cheaper than in Dubrovnik and there are much less tourist.

This was my review about my experience when visiting Dubrovnik, hope you enjoyed reading and can find a reason to visit this wonderful city in the Adriatic coast.

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