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Let go and Simplify
Securities contra taking decisions

There is no change for the worse. Change is the process of life and evolution . And evolution moves in only one direction: forward towards improvement!
Which is bigger? Is it the fear of taking decisions or the fear of losing the security?
What does security mean to you? What is today in a constantly changing world still safe? We live in a time of change and the only constant factor is change. Many people get into their personal crisis when / because they resist change.

We are no longer working more than 30 or even 40 years for an employer as our parents did. Rarely it saves us from getting a second job, if we continue as employees who want to enjoy the apparent safety. Often enough we are forced to change our profession because of illnesses, allergies or unemployment.

On the other hand, young academics are worn out by 60 - to work 70 hours per week. They earn a lot of money, but have no time to spend it. The family planning cannot take place because they do not have not enough time to meet a partner and then to maintain the relationship. This is of enormous stress and anxiety building up, offailing in the job. How long will they experience joy in their profession?
More executives are diseases and get burnout. This is easily factored by many employers. People with burnout are becoming younger.
Even if you are self-employed or lead your company, you can get into the rat race easily, if you think you have to do everything ourselves. To delegate has to be learned.
How long do you want to endure such a situation? Is the security of retirement more worth than a happy and healthy life?

More and more people get stuck in temporary contracts and have little chance of a permanent contract. The frequent change of companies and locations, they have also lead to no chance of a normal family life. Frustration and disease is systematically a part of life.
The above-described "reality" show to us that we cannot continue like that. Whether you want to believe it or not, we are on the threshold of a new era.
This is a voltage-generating aspect that creates the collapse of the old forms of security. However, this can also lead to a new sense of liberation and self-empowerment and new creations. We all have the feeling that the crisis can shake the foundations of the government, banking, commerce and religion, and usher in its demise.

The decline in global economic development will continue to create situations (crises), which is increasingly evident. If no changes are made, or only superficial, cosmetic changes are made, then we will be forced by a fundamental restructuring of the events the way we develop our societies, financial and religious institutions, upbringing of children and eventually the way we treat ourselves. The pace of change will continue to rise and sudden, unexpected, catastrophic events, both natural and man-made, show the shortcomings of the present system clearly and openly.

Within our own personal lives, the economic climate and other invisible spiritual realities bring us in a situation like in a pressure cooker. We can no longer trust those whom we trusted before. Even we can no longer think of anybody or any institution that we were told, that they know the answers.

More and more we are confronted with the question "Do I stay on this sinking ship and now is the time to jump off?" It is a time that brings us deep questions:
- What is really important?
- What is safe?
- What is necessary?
- What is right?

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As a success and business coach Angela knows very well that we live in a very powerful time when we enhance our knowledge and consciousness.