Women may not pay much attention to the color of their urine when they urinate on a regular basis, but when they find that urine is extremely yellow, there will be a few doubts in their minds. Women should keep in mind that the causes of making urine yellow can not be underestimated. For example, it may be a signal of sickness, which should be checked and treated as soon as possible.

When the urine turns extremely yellow, there are some things that you should notice.

1. Eat too many pigmented foods

Many foods in daily life contain natural pigments, such as carrots and pumpkins. If you eat too many of these foods at one time, or if you eat them continuously for a long time, it will cause your urine to turn yellow. While, this kind of phenomenon is temporary. Drinking more water or eating less these foods can make your urine return to normal.

2. Get inflamed

Some women prefer spicy food and they eat them every day, while rarely eat vegetables. Such a diet is very unreasonable. If you eat spicy food all day long, it will be easy for you to get inflamed. Too many spicy foods will lead to the imbalance of Yin and Yang in your body, and the urine will become yellow after getting inflamed. If there are gum pain, toothache, blisters at the corners of the mouth and other symptoms at the same time, it generally means you get inflamed. In this condition, you'd better eat more vegetables and fruits, while eat less spicy, fried and other irritant foods.

3. Inflammations

Some women can discover an unpleasant smell in their urine when they urinate after having sex. If this is the case, there is probably due to reproductive system diseases, and the gynecological inflammation is the most common, including the pelvic inflammatory disease, vaginitis and salpingitis. You can take the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill to solve inflammations and improve the urinary problems, which is harmless and can be used to terminate inflammations and improve the female immunity.

4. Mental pressure

If there is much mental pressure in females, it will also influence the urine. Because when a female is extremely stressed or gets angry, the body will produce a lot of toxins, which can be filtered through the kidneys to affect the urine, making it yellower. In this case, it will cause damage to liver, kidney and other organs.

Therefore, women in daily life should maintain an optimistic and cheerful attitude, do not be troubled by the trifles in life. At ordinary times, do more exercise, take part in more outdoor activities, breathe more fresh air, drink more warm water, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, so that they will have a healthy physical state.

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