I am totally loving watching the Olympics right now, not because I am an avid sports fan (so unfortunately you won’t be seeing me in Rio in 2016!) but because of the endeavors of these amazingly strong and dedicated athletes. Such a huge amount of work, effort and commitment goes into preparing for the biggest show on earth and I am equally moved to tears when someone wins and when someone misses out. When someone wins, my heart truly explodes with a tiny iota of what they must be feeling at that moment or when they just miss out, my heart weeps for them. It’s a fabulous achievement to even be there but we all know they are there to win a medal and when they miss out, I am heart-sore.

I was watching the gymnastics and one of the competitors wobbled on her landing but quickly recovered. It made me think of the amazing women I am privileged to work with on a regular basis. In my work, I help women entrepreneurs transform how they show up and run their business so they can find more ways to profit and thrive. We may not be participating in the Olympics games but we all have our own Olympic-sized dreams and it’s so important to keep working towards those dreams.

I love what Abraham-Hicks say about not getting it all done. We are not here to get it done because it is never done. It’s the people we become when we commit ourselves to our dreams and we invest our heart and soul into making it happen. We will always wobble – that’s being human and it’s part of our journey as we become bigger versions of ourselves but it’s how we recover and re-commit that makes all the difference. If you let it get you down, it is hard to get back up again. If you recognize it’s a wobble and lift your chin up and keep trying, you are already so far ahead of the game.

So, today I challenge you to truly commit to your own Olympic-sized dream. Once you truly commit, you then have to take consistent aligned action. The athletes didn’t get to the games just by wishing – they took action and prepared like their lives depend on it and it’s the same for us. When we have big dreams, we have to be bigger in ourselves and sometimes that can get uncomfortable but the trick is to stay focused on the end result and it will be SO worth it!

One of my favourite ways of staying true to the end result is visualising my celebration party for an important event, for example when my business hits an important milestone. I visualise my celebration speech and the people I want to thank and it really starts to feel alive! That gets me excited about what I can achieve.

I am passionate about the transformative power of running your own business and the independence it can create for you both financially and time-wise.

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Yasmin Vorajee is passionate about serving women in business to be powerfully and soulfully irresistible in business. She is committed to creating a new paradigm in business where collaboration and service are key...the world needs to change and how we do business needs to change. We can do this...one by one... step by step! Visit: http://www.yasminvorajee.com/