We women are basically emotional, hopelessly romantic and have dreams of the fairy tale like when it comes to love. Looking and waiting for our knight in shining armor or our prince charming who will treat us like their queen and will be the love of his life. But as what other say life is not all about sugar and spice and everything that is nice. In reality love relationship and men are so complicated to understand. In the present we accept the fact that not all relationship is good and usually they end going apart, in the case of those who were married ends up divorced. This happens when there is no more hope for the relationship when the love turns to be hatred and every day with him is like a living hell. There are so many factors that cause it, so many that if we count it my article will be also like hell. But what is the most important is that we women are emotionally after down after this happened. It’s hard I know but it will pass, time will heal all the wounds and we have to move on and use that experience to make us a stronger person.

Make those people see the side of you that is a fighter and let that guy know what your worth is. Don’t let him see you down ugly and worthless. Tell to his face that loosing you is the biggest mistake that he committed in his life. They say when a woman is broken hearted there are two possibilities that can happen its either she became more beautiful or let herself be drown in miseries of what happened and let herself be ugly and show the people that she is a loser. But I’m telling you guys, the best choice is to be beautiful and be a new person like a phoenix that after the death it will rise again better, stronger and gorgeous as ever. Remember there are lots of fishes in the ocean especially for those beautiful like us. Don’t worry it’s not that hard to do, what all you need is go to the nail club salon experience their A class services and when you go out and face the world again you will say to that guy who hurt you, “Thanks for hurting me I am now a better person”. Being beautiful give us more confidence and give us the feeling of being reborn again. Here are some of my suggestion on what services you can get in the nail club and spa.
v Make those eyes shine again and express the new you let that eyes have the newest look in its newest trend, the eyelash extension. This service are used by the A list stars like Jennifer Lopez and Sandra Bullock. Give those new admirers a glimpse on an angel eyes that you will after availing the service. Plus the fact that it will stay 24/7 that means it is less hassle and no more over hours in front of the mirror.
v Shining and shimmering that is what you can call to toes and fingers after a manicure and pedicure that will bring your nails a new life. Get those beautiful well-manicured nails be taken care of by the nail club spa where you can choose a variety of different designs and services for your nails.
v The 3R that you most needed is rejuvenate, relax, and renew make your body feel love and well taken care of release all those tension because of the fighting and argument scenes in the past relationship indulge in the nail club and spa hand and feet massage with reflexology that will relieve all the stress your body absorb. Ease those wrinkles away by having our facial skin care that can give you’re a problem freeface look and your skin face will look younger.

Something’s are not really not meant to last even in a relationship and it’s really hard to accept that after all the sacrifices you made it still did not work out. But that is life all we can do is to move on and have a new beginning its hard to do I know yet, that is the only direction where we can go. Failure is part of our life what we need to know is how to learn from each failure we encounter and let those failures mold us to be a stronger better and wiser person.

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Rona Santos is a blogger who work with Nail Club & Spa http://nailclubspa.com that offers quality assistance as well as a wide scope of services in Colorado ranging from manicures, pedicure, hands & feet massage with reflexology, and artificial nails, nail art to waxing, threading,skin care, eyelash extensions.