What is the first thing your visitors see when they approach your home? Yes, it is your front door.

So, your front door is that element of your home that gives you the first chance of getting a good impression.

That’s why we bring you a guide to choose the best front door for your home.

Opportunity knocks – Reasons to replace a front door:

• Curb Appeal - A beautiful and robust front door will enhance your home curb appeal. It will be important if you want to sell your home. In this sense, Cyndi Lesinski, a Zillow Agent Advisory Board member of Valencia, Calif said, “A clean entrance can go a long way toward establishing a positive first impression,”

• Energy Cost Savings – the line of ENERGYSTAR certified doors keep out air, dirt, and moisture. Besides, they impede currents of air from getting in from the outside. Likewise, fiberglass or steel doors come with the best weather seals on the market. Storm doors, meanwhile, represent a barrier against bad weather, let natural light get into your home, and minimize air leaks. Besides, they can ventilate your home during summer.

• Security – a quality replacement door represents an additional level of security for your home. Nowadays, sturdy front doors include robust locking mechanisms to provide more security.

Making an Entrance: Front Door Styles

Currently, the range of front door styles and materials is wide. Thus, giving your home a splendid entrance is easy and economical.

• Entry Doors – your entry door will talk to your visitors about your personality and style. You can find in the market an extensive variety of looks. So, you can make your home stand out by choosing the right one.

• Double entry doors – Double doors invite your guests into the center of your entryway. Since they are large and impressive entrances, they fit large homes perfectly.

• French Doors – Many homeowners like French doors since they provide privacy while allowing sunlight getting into your home. They have panels of glass and are proper for both interior and exterior use. Usually, they are double entry doors that either swing towards the inside or outside.

• Patio Doors – If you want a match between functionality and beauty, it has to be your choice. Sliding or patio glass doors allow seeing and enjoying the outside and saving space. You can find them in many colors and styles. Also, they feature triple weatherstripping for better insulation.

• Storm Doors – Storm doors work as a shield against bad weather. They protect your home entrance from the bad weather impact. Moreover, they are useful to ventilate homes in the summer and reduce air leaks. People customize them with screen and glass options.

Decorate Your Door with Color

Have you already selected the right front door for your home? Did you consult with your installation expert?

If so, you are ready for the best part: choosing your next front door color!
So, consider what Chris Ettel, founding partner of VB Homes and Tidewater Builders Association board member, wrote in The Virginian Pilot:

“One of the quickest and simplest ways to punch up your front entry is with a color that contrasts with siding and trim,”

Thinking about your next door replacement and installation project?

Long Doors commercialize an extensive line of front door styles. You will find in our wide catalog the option that will enhance your home curb appeal. Besides, our high-quality and durable doors save energy, provide security, and can fit any budget!

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