Imagine standing out from the crowd when you speak. Is it possible? Everyone has a better voice inside of them; unfortunately, most people are unaware of it.

What is a better voice? One that vibrates in your chest when you speak and grabs your listeners’ attention with its warmth and resonance. Unfortunately, the only resonance most people hear when they speak is that which is coming through their nose. That is not the resonance I am talking about.

Voices like that of Ashley Judd, Morgan Freeman, George Clooney, Kate Beckinsale, Diane Sawyer, Peter Coyote, Cher, Sean Connery, Kathleen Turner and, of course, James Earl Jones, are not anomalies. They are doing something different than most people to produce voiced sound. They are breathing with the support of their diaphragm and using their chest cavity to speak. And, it makes a difference.

Is it difficult to learn? No. It involves breaking some old habits and instilling some new ones. And, what is wonderful about a voice that has had training is that it will improve with age. The reason is because you will be eliminating a lot of the stress on your vocal cords and throat.

Have you ever experienced hoarseness or a sore throat after rooting for your favorite sports team? Perhaps you are losing your voice after talking all day on the phone or in conversation? The soreness or lack of voice power is known as vocal abuse. For some people, it will go away. For others, however, continual exertion of the speaking voice in this manner can lead to very serious problems.

The voice which makes use of the chest cavity, on the other hand, has a lot more ‘staying power’ and it lessens the wear and tear on your other vocal resonators, the nose, mouth, and especially vocal cords and throat. Therefore, you will be able to root for your favorite team or talk all day on the phone without fear of losing your voice.

In an interview, Kathleen Turner once said that the power of the voice is ‘exciting as heck’ and she couldn’t be more right. A resonant speaking voice is a tremendous tool that can give you an edge over your competition, whether you are looking for a job, a promotion, a new contract, or a sale.

It is most definitely within your reach to sound better than you currently do. Change the way you produce voiced sound and you will discover a voice - rich, warm, deep,and resonant - that you never knew you possessed.

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