The health benefits of massage are widely known. In fact it is believed if massage is a part of our regular wellness routine it can help one in maintaining physical, mental and emotional hygiene. Three Graces is a Spa Destination in Delhi which boasts of a lavish ambience and effective spa therapies including all types of beauty, weight loss, slimming, hair and face treatment therapies. Three Graces Spa in Rajouri Garden is a pristine example which has an extensive list of therapies for all around enhancement of the body, skin and mind. It also comprises of a Gymnasium well equipped with state of the art, advanced and sophisticated gym equipment to monitor your body development, determine body type and recommend work out regimes according to your age, gender, profession and external factors like metabolism, body mass index, etc. The Salon offers various packages for a healthier and vibrant looking Skin, Face & Hair which makes your visit the spa a more rejuvenating experience.

This Spa in West Delhi is a sorted destination for all body, beauty and lifestyle needs. The rejuvenating and exfoliating therapies at the spa are designed with a well blended mix of different type of practices not wanting to the leave the spa ever! Here are some of the most applauded therapies available at Three Graces Spa:

'Immunity boost therapy', this rejuvenation massage is bactericidal, antiseptic in nature and antiviral. The essential oils used in this therapy have immunity boosting effects to alleviate modern day ailments and empower the body to fight and recover from illness. This therapy is a 60/90 minutes wholesome healing experience that even cures chronic ailments.

'The Body Healing Massage' is another, one of its kind rejuvenating massage that uses anti-spasmodic and analgesic oil blend to calm and relax your entire body. This massage is aimed at alleviating aches and pains entrained in the body, muscle spasms and stiffness. This massage is a compelling treatment for People suffering from arthritis.

'Pizichil and Synchronised Abhyanga' are traditional centric and comes from the backwaters of kerala. Both these massages use efficacious Herbal oils prepared from herbs that have curative effects to ease fatigue, restlessness and capability of enhancing energy flow throughout the body. This 60/90 treatment session are also believed to balance blood pressure and nervous disorders.

'Kati Vasti(treatment for lower back), Hastha Padabhyanga ( hand and foot massage) and back massage are other effective rejuvenation therapies to soothe and relieve you from pain. It is a very popular service amongst expats & diplomats who seek luxury spa services in Delhi.

Similarly,The Exfoliation Therapies, at this Spa in West Delhi spells opulence, comfort, and fascinating results which include five exquisite types of body scrubs named 'Almond sheen', 'Senstiva', 'Sparkle Body Scrub', 'Oriental Body Glow' and 'Sunshine Body Scrub'. Each aimed at providing you with best skin results by exfoliating and nourishing your skin and proving it with essential minerals, vitamins and fatty acids.

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