In the midst of bustling and buzzing lifestyle of Delhi,what can be more relaxing than being swathed in comfort and healthy ambiance of a luxury Spa in Delhi. Three graces, Lifestyle Spa in Vasant Vihar is a great escape from daily stress. This Spa offers various relaxation therapies that helps you to wake up with a fresh feeling like you have never felt before. The muscles, tendons, ligaments, Skin, joints, connective tissues, as well as lymphatic vessels are kneaded, pressed, patted and squeezed to relieve stress and soothe your senses.

Here is an insight of exotic massages served in Three Graces.

The Classical Swedish Massage Named 'Stockholm', duration 60/ 90 minutes is bestowed with traditional European massage technique that incorporates light kneading covering toe to forehead, including a Face massage. This massage tempts the body, soothes and helps relieves stress.

Skin types are often neglected at number of spas but at this spa, 'Relaxation Aroma Massage', is given depending upon ones skin type followed with a synergistic blend of essential oils along with carrier oil substance. This massage has ideal stress busting qualities that relieves one from anxiety and relaxes nerves and muscles. The duration is about 60/90 minutes.

People who have had massages before might need a challenge to keep them coming back for more. The traditional Balinese massage named ' Island Exotic' at this Spa in Connaught Place is such a challenge for both body and mind. This massage is effective in ailments like neck pain, stress, headaches, muscle pain and insomnia. This is performed using long strokes and skin rolling movements in a deep pressure treatment. This is performed for 60/90 minutes.

'Globe trotter' is another massage therapy that aims at entire body wellness and thoroughly works for back shoulder and scalp. This treatment exhilarates blood circulation and loosens sore and tightens muscles.

Imperial crown(oriental head massage), Tender touch(hand massage), Head set go( Indian head massage) along with many others are some of the customized massage therapies to pamper and replenishes you senses. The appeasing and curative relaxation therapies of this Spa at Vasant Vihar makes it a perfect get away bliss for Residents of entire South Delhi and other areas.

This Spa is one of the most popular Spa in South Delhi . It caters to a large audience which comprises of celebrities, politicians, bureaucrats & many people from business sectors. It has a diverse range of spa, salon & health services which empower the health conscious with a number of options in each of its facilities. We operate with international standards of hygiene & trained personnel. Also, they use international branded products in all their services ensure a high quality & relaxing experience in all their services.

This Spa & Salon understand the need of all kinds of customers – who lead a stressful life and long working hours. They provide very customized packages with a personal approach to each customer in order to make his or her experience a memorable one.

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