The cost on a new car represents a substantial proportion of annual earnings for many people, second only to the cost of a new house. Considering the substantial amount of money shown on your new car invoice, you may want to pick up a few add-ons you won’t find listed there. This article will advise you purchase some extras meant to shield your car from dirt and wear.

As a first step, the perfect thing to effectively maintain the exterior finish of your new car is to go and by a car cover. Obviously, it becomes too much of a chore to keep taking it off plus putting it on again if you’re using the car every day. You can still take advantage of enhanced paintwork protection when your car is stationary for longer intervals - then is the time to cover your car. A car cover is still worth making use of even though your car is closed in a garage because it will keep the dust off the finish. And if you don’t have a garage, the sun, birds winds and falling tree branches and lots of other things can create havoc on your cars finish. Purchase a breathable car cover that allows heat and moisture to escape and can be thrown onto a wet car.

The next item you should give some thought to buying is floor mats because there is a reasonable chance your new car will not have them. Go to a car accessory retailer to order your floor mats rather than pay a lot of dollars for the products that the car dealers will offer you. Car floor mats will take the worst of wear and dirt and you’d rather have to change your auto parts shop mat than the more costly dealership one. There is a large choice of mats at a car parts store that will satisfy all budgets and tastes. Whichever mats you buy, they will do an excellent job of taking the wear off your car’s carpets.

Many people fail to remember that the trunk or boot of a car needs protection to keep it looking good. Possibly you have heard about pick up truck liners that put a stop to the truck bed from becoming damaged. Trunk liners for cars do a similar job and protect the carpeting from heavy wear. Bulky and heavy items get stuck in the car trunk and the carpeting takes a lot of punishment especially if the load moves around as the car corners. A trunk liner is a truly useful add-on for your new car and once again can be bought at a lower cost if you don’t have the dealer to supply it.

These three accessories are not hi tech but they do the business and seriously do help keep your car looking better for longer. While these things are not a necessity to make your car run better, if the looks of your car matter to you, you ought to head on over to the closest auto parts store today.

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