Few places in the world deserve the definition of “beautiful historic region” and the Altmark in Germany is one of them. Situated on the western bank of the Elbe river, this region is known for lush green landscape and it offers a diverse range of flora and fauna. People across from the globe visit this place in search of peace and tranquility. They find this region just perfect for rest and relaxation. If you want to relax in eternal peace then you should consider visiting this reason. You can book a room in a secluded hotel and enjoy your stay.

Whether it is a relaxing vacation or an active getaway, Altmark is the optimum choice of the vacationers. This region has plenty of green space and within the green space you can find hiking and biking trails, walking paths, horse riding and golf. The region is drained by three main rivers and their tributaries. The rivers flow all the year and the vacationers enjoy a range of water sports in the rivers. The good thing about this historic place is that it is located between two cosmopolitan cities – Hamburg and Magdeburg. Visitors coming to this historic place can access these cities and enjoy fine dining, shopping and live entertainment.

Altmark has many places to visit. Here you can find snow, woods and ground. The fresh air and warm sunshine will take all the stress and tension out of your body and make you feel rejuvenated. This region has everything that is missing in big cosmopolitan cities. The country hotels in the area are surrounded by fruit laden trees and the only noise you will hear here is birds’ chirping. There are motor roads but there is no heavy traffic. This is right place for families with kids and senior citizens who want to enjoy some private moments away from the hustle and bustle of cosmopolitan cities.

During your stay in Altmark, you can do things that you just can’t of doing at home. Here you will do nothing but rest and relax. Wake up to the birds’ chirping in the morning and savor a mesmerizing sunrise while sipping your early morning coffee. In the afternoon, you can take a mid-day nap to wake refreshed in the evening. In the evening, take a round of the golf and have some good time with the locals. In the nigh, come to your hotel room and sit down for a family get-together.

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