In response to the threats from N. Korea.

When life gets crazy and the ground you’re standing on starts to feel shaky, it is time to rest. When you start to feel anxious, your body naturally wants to respond by taking action, don’t! Take a rest.

If life starts to get blurry, take a rest. Take a deep breath, sit down; yes I said sit down, not run in this direction or that one. As you sit, think about everything that is going on outside your body. You can feel all the energy moving around. Now let’s get focused.

Take a rest by letting go of the feeling that you have to control something. Go inside your mind and tell it to be calm. Go inside your heart and tell it to beat slower. Go inside your blood stream and organs and tell them to relax.

What is so pressing that you have to make a rash decision without thinking of the consequences? How many will pay/suffer for your actions? In a time of destruction, remain calm and go inside. Go beyond the skin, bones, and organs; go to your soul.

One has to wonder how much was tolerated to get to this point. Does this have to do with the past, or are you carving a new future? What is the feeling you get from all this? Do what is honorable in the eyes of a child.

Visualize a heart beating in your hand, feel the power. Power can mean many things to many people. Power can be evil and it can be good. To have power over one’s life, means they were never living in the first place. Neither were you because you had to be in constant watch over that power, so that none of it would escape.

Feel the warmth of the sun, feel the softness of a newborn baby’s skin, just feel. When you truly feel, you will feel vibrant energy radiating from your soul. Why would you want to cause pain to others? Go back and rest, rest your eyes, your heart, and your soul.

What saddens my heart the most is the wondering. Has peaceful resolutions been thought of before an act of destruction? If one man’s actions are to run, another man’s actions are to sit, and the last man’s actions are to simply walk away, how can you pass judgment on all three men for the actions of just one? As our nations grow old, as our time here constantly ticks, we all know in our soul that we need to preserve our people and our land. May peace be with you!

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