At SmartPlug, our goal is providing the best quality products with customer satisfaction that can’t be beat. We’re happy to share another wonderful review from SmartPlug customer, Marshall Wendler, Camp Addict Co-Founder:

“As a full-time RVer since April 2014, and the co-founder of Camp Addict, I’m always on the lookout for RV related products that can make my life easier. If the product is that much of a game-changer, then I want to shout from the hills about it. The SmartPlug is one of those products I love to spread the word about – it’s really that much better than the traditional twist-lock power plug that RVers have been stuck with for decades.

The twist-lock style of RV power cords is what RVers are used to using, but it has a few flaws. The whole process is a major pain. You have to line up the L-pin, make sure you twist the connector enough so that you are making a solid connection with all three prongs, and then align the lock rings threads so you can tighten it down. Argh!

I converted my twist-lock connector to a SmartPlug over a year ago and haven’t looked back. The SmartPlug allows for simple, one-handed connecting of my shore power cord to my travel trailer. I know for sure it’s connected correctly each time. No more concern regarding if there is a good electrical connection – it just happens. Disconnecting is incredibly simple as well – just squeeze the two side levers and pull.

I first heard about the SmartPlug’s marine application before I started RVing. When I found out they offered an RV version I knew I had to have one. The process was fairly simple to convert my existing shore power cord and RV receptacle to the SmartPlug system.

Every RV should have a SmartPlug installed. It’s the safest and easiest way to connect a shore power cord to the rig.”

Thank you, Marshall, for sharing your Smartplug experience! If you’d like to see Marshall’s video on converting to SmartPlug, check it out here:

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Smart Plug Systems is a privately held manufacturing firm specializing in power delivery systems. It was founded in 2007 and is located in Seattle, WA. Its flagship product, the SmartPlug, is a patented device positioned to replace the current power delivery system for RV’s, Boats, and a variety of specialty vehicles and miscellaneous industrial applications.

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