This event is the second of two of the most terrifying in my life. Like one of the other attempts on my life i've spoke here about, i've never spoke in 'public' about this before either. Without a doubt i'm emotionally damged by this still. In a strange way, maybe more than when that four man gang came to see me. This event occured a bit more recently, and was the last major event i experienced at the hands of terrorists. As far as i'm aware, i've still got serious problems in some places in my home country. Work dictates i do travel back to Northern Ireland regularly, so i'm going to leave out any identifying themes in this article. Really though, anyone close to me, including people who were present (at varying times) will know where this took place, and who was involved. Still, speaking in a public way, could possibly antagonise the situation even more. As in all personal experiences or thoughts i write on here, it's not shared in an attempted to make myself seem 'important', but to show that unfortunately, when i do talk, i tend to only do so when i actually do know what i'm talking about. You'll see in this article, once more, i'm not a hard man. I'm really a person who made many mistakes, was extremely lucky, and in this instance, this terrorfied man really was lucky.

It was about five or six years ago, around 9 or 10pm, so it was pretty dark. I was with a couple of friends for most of that day. We decided to go for a walk. Around the corner we bumped into someone we all knew. A local 'face' i guess i could best describe him as. We exchanged pleasantries and headed on our seperate ways. My freinds & I reached the shops, and i remembered i'd forgot to bring something. I decided to go back to my house alone to get it. When i was walking back, i'm not sure why, but i started to get a really uneasy feeling.

I remember i'd left the door on the latch, opened the door, and stepped inside. I had a young pup, called Sasha. A pitbull type dog. She was always pleased to see me come home. Would always, without fail, come running to me as soon as i got in the door. This time she never. I called her name, and could hear her taill waging, beating against the floor. I called her a second time, heard a little scuffling, but still she never came. I was still standing in the hallway. My back to the now closed front door. I looked to my right, and saw the living room door was closed halfrway over. That kinda struck me as odd, considering the layout of the living room, it shouldn't be like that. It was over enough for someone to have room to be behind the door though. I looked at the downstairs bathroom door, which was immediately in front of me. Then to my two o' clock was the kitchen door. Both were also partially closed over. I called Sasha one more time, still i could hear scuffling, but no tail wagging. I knew something was amiss. Adrenaline was coursing through my body. My mind was both making decisions slow, and yet also fast. I was in a house, with the exit door closed fully over, certain that people were waiting for me in various rooms. One would have been less than 4 feet from me. I knew i was in a bad situation. One move and they might pounce on me. I'll be honest, i was scared to move. I was moving into the 'freeze' element of a sudden physiological response. This was all happening within a matter of a few seconds, though did seem longer then. I galvinized myself, and ran out the door.

I stopped in the middle of the street. I know this sounds crazy, but hey, i wasn't sure if i was really imaging things, & being paranoid. I stood in the road for a few minutes. I saw movement in the house. Which couldn't have been Sasha, unless she'd grown 5 or 6 feet tall. I ran down the road, to a local park. And stopped again. There were multiple ways to this place. In fact, i was still in the middle of a housing estate, controlled by this group. Their houses were all around me. I really didn't know what way to go. I was still moving from flight & freeze in my reactions. I felt like a rabbit in the headlights of a car. I still do now. I was becoming terrified. Suddenly i heard lots of running across grass...

In the dark i coudln't make out where they were coming from. Still i hesitated. "Fuck this!" i thought to myself. I let out a huge yell at them, began calling them names, and ran like mad up the road. I was running for about 20 seconds, and i heard many cars screeching, and following. I ran to the shops where my friends where. I ran past them screaming at them that 'they' were after me. They shouted at me to stop being an idiot, that i was just being paranoid. I ran up the road another 300 yards, looked back, and saw that one car had stopped, and was now interrogating my friends.

Looking at two of the four roads i could see, i saw that at least another three cars were coming up two of them. I ran across into a Terrortorial Army camp, scaled the fence, and shouted & screamed for help. No-one came. I went to hide in a garage of theirs, which had a lorry. I realised that when folks are chasing you, staying in one place is the last thing to do. Keeping mobile, moving over obstacles, this is what is key. I heard folks at the fence, so decided to go to the back of the camp, and scale the fence there.

Climbing over the 20 foot fence i paused. Both to hear of any movement following me, and because once more i was getting scared to move. I cant' explain to you why a person gets like that, but it happened to me. I could hear frantic movement on 3 sides to me. This would cover a 280 degree radius of myself. On the other side of the fence was a row of houses. I started to climb into peoples backs, banging their doors, yelling for help. I reached one house with lights on. A woman and man came to their kitchen. I yelled that people were after me, trying to kill me, and to please let me in and call the police. The woman went to open the door, but the husband stopped her. He said he was sorry and they didn't want to be involved. I frantically tried to open their door, and took the door handle off trying to get in. He yelled he was going to call the police. I looked at him in wonder, shouting "THAT is what i have been asking you to do!". I don't blame him, or his partner. I'm sorry i involved them that night. I was desperate, desperate to stay safe.

By this time, i knew the terrorists were outside in that street. I moved onto the garage roof. They tried to get meoff the roof, but i had some pipeing up their and would hit them, and refuse to come down. Suddenely everything went quiet. I waited for maybe up to one minute. Jumped down off the roof, and ran across the road, down a grass verge to a wall. This wall seperated one side of the religious community, with another. My plan was to climb up that wall, and go into the other community. I reasoned that they would most likely not be as quick to follow me in there.

I reached the wall, and tried to jump up. Normally it would never have been a problem, this time however, i was exhausted, and simply couldn't do it. Suddenly i heard a noise. A man with a balaclava landed beside me. He was pointing something at me. He reached up above the grass verge, shouting "he's here, i've got him here!" He told me not to move. I saw him use his moble phone, and told them our location. I quickly moved over to him, and moved whatever it was pointing at me out of the way. I cant' say it was a gun, because i just don't know. I pleaded with him to tell me what i've done, and to let me go. He ignored me. I tried to climb on top of him, to get up on that wall, but hadn't even the strength for it. Suddenly i heard car tyres screeching. The masked man told me "that's them come for us now". It was then i realised this was an abduction. Most lilkely this wasn't to be any street encounter, or even punishment beating. I would be took away out a country road, and most likely killed.

A number of cars came up close, then suddenly drove off at high speed. A few seconds later i heard other cars stop, and people get out. I heard voices, then saw torches! Instinctively i knew this was the police. I completely crumbled. I was no longer a human, but a sobbing mess. I couldn't walk, instead i crawled up the verge toward the police. on the way up, they asked me do i know who is after me. In my state, i said i did. I heard a voice whispering behind me, saying, "Wayne don't, think about it, don't". The masked man was still down in the verge, hiding behind a large drainage type concrete obstruction.

I never told the police about him. It might be difficult to understand for some. Particularly after such an experience. All i can say is had i of got him arrested, and the others, i would have also quite likely got my larger family in trouble. This is the mindset of such a society, it's part of the psychological terrorism waged upon it's own people.

I met up with my other two friends an hour or two later. One of them had got hit a little. I wasn't sure where was safe, so i went into the towncentre, and phoned the people involved. All this time i was being followed. I found out that it was actually a case of mistaken identity. Some idiot had decided to put my name forward as being the person whom had paintbombed one of their houses earlier. i also found out that indeed three cars fuill of people had chased me, and one of those cars the local, erm, how can i put it, 'decision maker' was there. What this means, is it was as serious as can be, and without a doubt, i would have been killed. Seems a bit extreme even for paintbombing, buy hey, terrorists usually are extreme members of society.

Luck undoubtedly played a huge part in this. So too did my instincts. Ya know, like the other time, no formal training i had actually helped me. It was sheer survival instinct. When i began to shout at the people running toward me in the park, looking back, i can see i was trying to galvinize something within me. The shouting did create agression within me, and this agression helped combat the adrenaline freeze response. i'd kept shouting as i was getting chansed, right up to the army camp. This will have without a doubt helped me combat any fatique from running. As agression will assist in th effects of fatique. It's worth noting, that the internal resources i had, were mostly spent by the time i got to the army camp. The flight response did stay with me for some minutes. However, in the grass verge, the freeze response, lack of strength, even loss of will to live, did grow.

For personal protection training, CPP recomend a focus on developing controlled agression. However, as we can see from my experience, this isn't enough. The psychological and physical effects, if the attack is of any length, can turn into the freeze response. Even with controlled agression. My experiences are we do have reserves we cnan tap into, they aren't infinite though. To greatly compliment reality protection, we recommend training in a way that will expose you to the appropriate stresses, in that event. Look for a training provider who will teach a scenario based model, using as many tools as possible to create within you an uneasy feeling. The aim is to provide you with a positive learning experience, alongside you yourself putting yourself on edge. What you can perform in training, will almost always be to a lesser level in the real world. The more you place yourself in a realistic training environment, the more closer you are to really protecting yourself.

Stay Safe

Author's Bio: 

Personally trained by numerous noted martial artists, and trained to Senior Instructor level in another reality based system, Wayne's primary training is real world experience.

For thirteen years Wayne was a gang leader, heavily involved in crime in Northern Ireland. Having many life-threatening experiences, including numerous attacks by terrorist organisations, Wayne has first hand, real life knowledge of how criminals work, and of how terrorists operate on civilians.

Having paid his debts to society, Wayne began to slowly move away from that lifestyle. Embarking on an intense period of Hatha Yoga study, Wayne became a Yoga Teacher in 2001.

2005 saw Wayne learning Reiki level 1. Wayne became a Reiki Master in 2006. Having been mentored by one of the World's formost Reiki researchers, Wayne has founded a somewhat unique Reiki forum. He continues to daily give advice & support worldwide.

In 2010, Wayne became a Kuji-in teacher. Kuji-in is a spiritual practice uniting mudras (finger locks), mantras & visualization. An intensely profound spiritual experience.

Wayne is extremely passionate about assisting others acheive thier potential. His all encompassing system - Civilian Personal Protection, aims to stop people being victims of crime, to enable criminals to leave that path, and to create more health & happiness within oneself.