A synopsis of the Laravel Framework Ecosystem
Are you familiar with Laravel, one of the popular PHP frameworks? Although it is not a new name in the web development world, a professional Laravel developer always looks for a chance to refine his development process. Now, we are going to introduce you to Laravel tools and bundles. As Laravel Framework offers lots of potentials to polish the code quality, it is better to learn about its feature-rich ecosystem.
Basics about Laravel Framework
Laravel has turned out to be one the most accepted frameworks for its high scalability, speed, intuitiveness, and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, Laravel ecosystem ensures strong security with features, like active user checking, encryption, BCrypt hashing, and password reset.
While Laravel is an uncomplicated MVC framework, it has a robust design, created for PHP application development. Thus, due to the rich functionality, Laravel enables us to optimize our web development processes.
What benefits do you get choosing Laravel framework for application development?
Let us have a look at the benefits-
• High-end performance
What’s the major trait of a quality application? It must perform flawlessly all the time. With Laravel, it is easy to develop a high-performing web application.
• Security
Security is another concern related to a business application. By using Laravel, developers can save your app from digital threats. It makes sure that the web application will function smoothly with no security risk.
• Time-saving and cost-saving solution
MVC framework of Laravel helps in the rapid development of web applications. As a Laravel development company minimizes the development time, it can reduce the overall charge.
• Detailed verification
Unauthentic users must not access your valuable resources. To ensure it, verification is the best option. Thus, Laravel keeps your application secure and prevent unauthentic clients from using your resources.
• A list of amazing features
Impressive features are one of the reasons distinguishing Laravel from other PHP-based frameworks. Besides, professional developers can offer you high-class web applications that will deliver an increasing ROI for your business.
Laravel Ecosystems
The dynamic ecosystem is increasing its maturity, and it reveals its potential to manage any use case. Therefore, let us have a look at the best Laravel ecosystems available for different purposes.
• Laravel Nova- To increase your productivity
It is a uniquely designed, sleek-looking single-page application. Laravel developers have designed this administration panel. Besides, with simple PHP coding, the Nova dashboard is configurable.
The most notable things of Nova are-
Resource Management– A CRUD interface of Nova is best for Eloquent models. Nova works with different Eloquent relationships, and also you may adjust the polymorphic data.
Actions– They refer to PHP tasks, running against resources. Also, there are queued actions on the Nova dashboard.
Filters– For resource indexes, you can compose custom filters to let users have a view at different data segments. You may also use the integrated filters.
Lenses– You may think of having more customizations for the resource list. Thus, insert lenses to the resource to control the Eloquent query.
Metrics– Laravel Nova has simplified the process of displaying custom metrics for the application. You can create graphs of different types within a few seconds.
Authorization– The current authorization policies of Laravel integrate Nova. Moreover, Nova resources help in leveraging your application policies to identify the user’s abilities.
Custom Fields– Rely on the Nova CLI to find a field type, not originally present in Nova. Hence, you can design and implement this field very easily.
• Laravel Horizon- Best queue manager
When you have chosen the Laravel environment for projects, you may rely on Horizon for queue management. The overall configuration is very easy, and it gives you control over Redis queues. Besides, it is one of the Laravel tools helping professional developers to monitor and configure the queue processing.
Moreover, Laravel Horizon enables web designers to create beautiful User Interface. This system is available at free of cost. Besides, the open-source developers choose this framework for their purpose.
• Laravel Lumen- Faster development of microservices
Lumen is popular as one of the microframework effective for the development of microservices with Laravel. To say simply, it is the fastest and most lightweight Laravel framework version.
Moreover, components of Lumen are similar to that of Laravel. It gives you convenience while adding the power to the major framework. Furthermore, it ensures better response time to boosts the speed and performance standard of the related components.
However, it does not work with other Laravel libraries, including Scout and Cashier. Laravel Lumen is help for creating smaller components.
• Laravel Shift for automatic upgrades
Professionals may need automation for the upgrade process in their Laravel development projects. In that case, Shift comes as the best solution. Besides, it is really easy to update Laravel apps using Shift.
By logging in to Bitbucket or GitHub account, developers can buy their upgrade packages and add the Laravel Shift account as one of the collaborators.
• Laravel Spark- Best for SaaS projects
Spark is one of the parts of the Laravel package, helpful SaaS application developers. Its major aim is to streamline the scaffolding process for invoicing systems. Additionally, Spark works best for user management, as it features different options like password resets, authentication, invoicing, and subscription billing.
Furthermore, the team of developers will get more time to work on the application functionalities. Thus, they can save time to deal with complicated elements, used repeated for SaaS applications.
Know about Laravel development environment
You can find two major Laravel development environments. One of them works locally on Mac, while another one is the pre-packed Vagrant box.
• Laravel Valet
Valet ensures a quick start for macOS users. Developers need to select a directory where they have parked their projects.
• Laravel Homestead
It is another development environment, not restricted only to macOS. However, it also works with Windows and Linux systems. Besides, it comprises PHP 7.1, Git, Node, and Composer.
Features that have made Laravel a distinguished framework
• Template Engine
Laravel is a unique framework, offering innovative and lightweight templates. Thus, Laravel application developers are capable of creating the most intriguing design for the interface. To develop it, Laravel professionals rely on the dynamic content seeding process and use Laravel widgets.
• Unit Testing
It is a useful feature to assess the web application feature. Besides, with the unit testing process by using the PHP Unit, developers accomplish this task.
• Artisan
Artisan is one of the inbuilt tools for developers. Also, this Laravel tool reduces the time needed for complicated programming tasks.
• Database Migration
The ability to share databases is another advantageous thing for a team of developers. Laravel makes it easy to migrate the database.
• Caching
The caching system of Laravel helps to store objects in a file. Moreover, it ensures smooth integration of a web framework with any other caching system, like Redis, APC, and Memcached.
We have mentioned only some of the tools of the big Laravel ecosystem. Laravel development professionals have found increasing popularity of the framework in the past few years. Thus, it is another reason for releasing several Laravel tools. The developers always stay updated with new packages to speed up their application development process. Furthermore, they use the Laravel community as one of the biggest assets. Therefore, look for a Laravel application development agency and get the best services from developers.

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