If we understand the development of life and life-forms on earth as an expression of the evolution of consciousness, we can easily see the relationship between a new power of consciousness and the need to have forms that can hold, and express, that power effectively. Scientists frequently comment on the changes in primates that accompanied the development of man, the mental being. This included development of an opposable thumb, standing and walking upright on two legs, and increased brain size and complexity. The principle at work provides us guidance for the manifestation of a new power of consciousness, as far beyond the mental level as mind itself is beyond the purely animal expression of awareness and energy.

Each phase of development has built upon the prior stages, such that life evolved out of material forms and continues to utilize the physical form as a basis for its action. Similarly, mind evolved out of living forms and continues to exercise its action through life and body. We can expect therefore, following this progression, that the supermind will evolve out of the mental beings, and continue to utilize and operate through mind, life and body.

We consider this to represent a new phase in earth-evolution and a new race of beings, as the powers of the supramental consciousness both far exceed those of the mind and operate on somewhat different bases of action. New powers of perception and new powers of integration of the diverse and fragmented view presented by the mind are to be expected. In addition, new powers of action, potentially with a new and different modus, must also be a result of this manifestation.

We see in the development of human technology that there is an ever-increasing focus on harnessing powers of mind through a direct interaction, and humanity is beginning to experience changes in biology, physiology and trained capacities of utilization of mind and senses that point us in a new direction.

It may be expected that as the supramental power manifests further it will effectuate changes in that portion of humanity that becomes receptive to it and, over time, we will see a new more intuitive, more globally-aware, more responsive race of beings emerge that will be able to bring healing, harmony and oneness into life on the planet.

Sri Aurobindo writes: “The earth is a material field of evolution. Mind and life, supermind, Sachchidananda are in principle involved there in the earth-consciousness; but only Matter is at first organised; then life descends from the life plane and gives shape and organisation and activity to the life principle in Matter, creates the plant and animal; then mind descends from the mind plane, creating man. Now supermind is to descend so as to create a supramental race.” Sri Aurobindo, Integral Yoga: Sri Aurobindo’s Teaching and Method of Practice, Supermind and the Earth, pp. 67-68

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Santosh has been studying Sri Aurobindo's writings since 1971 and has a daily blog at http://sriaurobindostudies.wordpress.com He is author of 16 books and is editor-in-chief at Lotus Press. He is president of Institute for Wholistic Education, a non-profit focused on integrating spirituality into daily life.