The 8th Law.. The Law of Supernatural Supply

There have been many times in my life when I was convinced I had no more to give. No more money, no more time, no more empathy, no more love. Well, in each of these times, I found that I was given the strength to go on over and above my own means. This is representative of the 8th law of stewardship; God enables the giver to give beyond their ability to give!

When is it enough? When can we say that we’re done giving? It’s a little I think like the Adversity Quotient we studied on the Emotional Path, some of us look at giving as a mountain in front of us and say “ok, I’ll start on a path of giving” only to stop when we’ve climbed up a few feet in height. “That’s enough” we think. I’m giving more than others do (looking down at those who didn’t even climb as high as you did). We most frequently stop because we think, there’s no more I have to give. I only make so much money, have so much time, etc., and if I keep giving, where will the required resource come from?

Well, this law steps up to solve the problem. Quite simply, it is indicative of the fact that God will provide the required resource to the person who has so generously donated of their time and talent that they find themselves at the end. There are countless stories in my life, and the lives of others that make this point. I clearly remember situations like one morning when, after church, I wanted to take my family to brunch. The problem was that I’d cleared out my billfold at church and had given everything in it. Well, we sat down to brunch and when the bill came, I had totally forgotten that I didn’t have any money to pay it with. Well, almost immediately, a person from church who I’d never met came up to the table and said “aren’t you that family from church? I felt compelled to come over today and buy your family lunch”. Now understand, this person had no way to know I had no cash on me. To me, this is but one of many experiences I’ve had where things have happened to me that allowed me to live on faith, not on sight. The 8th Law speaks so directly to this. And I think it’s bigger even yet. It comes down to faith. That wonderful and unique ability people have to believe in, and act upon, something so much larger than ourselves that it defies full explanation.

When we live by faith, we allow God to enter into our life and show the power and grace that is God.

Now, I respect again, as I so frequently say, that this is an open community and this is my path. You may have found other paths for you that bring you that same opportunity to demonstrate faith. But I have defiantly found that on my path, this 8th law of stewardship clearly applies.

I’m Steve Beaman and thanks for listening.

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Steve Beaman is the Author of "Happiness & Prosperity in the 21st Century: The Five Paths To a Transformed Life". He has authored over 100 articles relating to the Five Paths including articles on Financial Prosperity, Emotional Wellness, Physical Health, Intellectual fulfillment, and Spiritual Security. He enjoyed a highly successful career in Economics and Finance prior to establishing The Steve Beaman Group. The "SBG" is an orginization dedicated to helping people on their journey's of life.