Most people come to this part of Spain for the sun, sea and sand but mostly for the entertainment and this year you booked your BARCELONA ACCOMMODATION to discover the history that made Barcelona what it is today. This should be interesting especially with the turbulent times it suffered at the hands of anarchists and Castilian sovereigns when it fell under their rule.

In the year 230 BC the Carthaginians founded a settlement under Amilcar Barca, which was called Barcino when the Romans took control of the area only to relinquish it to the Visigoths who controlled it for a number of years. Then came the Muslims who remain for a few centuries or until the French came to power and defeated them in 801 AD. Catalans made up the majority of the population living on the north side of the mountains and in the plains at this time. This area became extremely rich after the defeat of Cordoba and its Muslim rule in the 12th century. This new found wealth resulted in the creation of a new state that not only included Barcelona but Valencia, Malta, Sicily and Sardinia as well. All this came to an end with a rebellion against the power to be, King Joan II. Following this there was a period which was to last for some three hundred years almost destroying Barcelona in the process.

The saving grace for the Catalans was to come in the form of a trade agreement with America signed in 1778. This signalled a new beginning for the Barcelona region. This new era heralded the emergence of an industrialized region that was to include item such as cotton, corn, wine and iron. This was to save the region from self destruction which funny enough occurred in what became known as the Romantic European movement. It is only understandable that the population also increased at this time due to requirements which also implemented the development of language and traditions in the area.

The next period of political unrest was to occur in 1937 when some 1,500 people were killed in street crimes and fighting even if it only lasted for three days. After this disreputable event it was to become even more intense when Franco’s forces invaded the Catalans state in 1939. The Catalan people didn’t agree with Franco's politics as a result they left Spain for destinations unknown in the droves to escape his rule.

While on a day out from your BARCELONA ACCOMMODATION take some time speaking to the locals and get their feeling on what you have come to understand. Franco was to increase his control over the Catalan people to the point where he almost crushed them. He placed a band not only on their language but the national dance of Sardana. Disregarding all of this the Catalan people, being as resilient as they are, soon regained some of what they lost. Once again they would control their parliament and local government. Today this is truly a Catalan region where they can speak whatever language they prefer and dance what they like. To really appreciate all that they are you have to visit this part of Spain and experience their unique culture; you will not be disappointed in this proud race of people.

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