Instagram Marketing
Marketing has been one of the most rewarding efforts in any business whatsoever. So the world implemented this concept in the digital world as well. Moving on from Facebook and YouTube, smart businesses have started marketing in Instagram as well. And it is no surprise why they are doing it. The simplest reason is that people are using it like its Facebook for pictures, or wait, it really is! So why not market your product or services on Instagram as well? Let’s learn how to do Instagram marketing the easy way.

To market on Instagram, you can make a strategy. Follow this religiously:
Make an account worth following – Your Instagram account should reflect with people’s emotions. When this happens, you are able to connect to people and people are able to connect with you.
Posting strategy – This has to be very particular. Your posts have to be updated at a particular time. Your ideal posting timings should be thrice a day, make sure it’s prime time. Your posting time-zone should be according to your target country or market. This is how you achieve the maximum number of engagements.
Hashtags – Hashtags create a stunning impact on your Instagram strategy as they are the number one thing which gets searched in Instagram. Follow the rule of 30 hashtags in a post. Don’t forget that it is possible that a single hashtag can go viral.

Instagram Hashtags
The best part is that the hashtags are counted even if it has been posted in the comments section. One more thing, all the thirty hashtags should be posted as soon as you post the image. Once this is done immediately, there is the maximum probability that your hashtag can go viral. The question that arises is that from where you will get the hashtag?
……what should be your target hashtag?
The answer is simple. You need to put a hashtag which is being searched by a lot of people. Look for a hashtag that has more number of posts associated with it. You can find this from the search bar of Instagram.
Follow strategy – Find a popular account that has a huge number of followers probably your Competition.
You can click on the list of followers and see all the followers of that account/your competition. Now the thumb rule is to start following these people. Make sure you are not following a max of more than 50 people in an hour.

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