Carl Jung was not an inventor like all the other dream interpreters of our world. He was a true researcher who looked for the meaning of all the symbols of our history, in all civilizations. I continued his mission in order to prove to the world the value of his discoveries, in order to simplify the work of this genius for you, and in order to give you more information about the content of your psyche.

The special depression treatment you’ll find in all dream messages will surely surpass your expectations. The fact that you can find sound mental health and happiness only by translating the meaning of your own dreams is a true miracle.

Could you ever imagine that dreams were so important and meaningful?

You’ll be surprised with everything that you’ll learn when you’ll translate the meaning of the dream images according to the scientific method. My dynamic method of instant dream translation (derived from Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation) is very clear and practical. Today you can immediately understand the meaning of all dreams, and immediately solve all problems thanks to this knowledge.

If you are merely depressed, your treatment through dream therapy is quite simple. However, don’t be naïve. You must have a serious and responsible attitude. Depression is a very simple mental illness compared to invincible mental illnesses like psychosis and schizophrenia, but it can easily become neurosis.

You must be serious. The knowledge contained in the meaning of your dreams is pure salvation when you follow the unconscious guidance. I wouldn’t spend two decades curing numerous people through dream therapy if the meaning of dreams wasn’t so special.

All dreams are extremely important and revealing. You will understand the real reasons why you are depressed and how to completely eliminate your depression forever.

For example, recurring dreams indicate a serious obligation that the dreamer is trying to avoid but that he/she must face without delay. Otherwise, he will have serious problems in the future.

A dreamer kept dreaming about her house for years. All her dreams were related to her house, in a way or another.

The house in dreams represents the dreamer’s psyche.

The dreamer’s basic psychological problem was related to the fact that she didn’t pay attention to her psychological reality. This is why all her dreams were trying to show her that she had to pay attention to her house.

Another dreamer kept dreaming that he had to go to a forest for an expedition, like an African safari.

The forest indicates great danger. The dreamer had the obligation to face his dangerous psychological content. He also had to understand other people’s personalities.

Animals in dreams usually represent other people, unless they are known dream symbols that have different specific meanings. The African safari was showing to the dreamer that he had to study the human nature (wild animals) and understand the human behavior because he believed in false concepts. He could easily become a victim of others.

The dreamer had to discover what exists inside his brain and understand his reactions. He also had to understand other people’s reactions.

Each one has repetitive dreams containing dream symbols that reflect their main problems. Most dreams are warnings, especially when the dreamer is just beginning the dream therapy.

Later, his dreams start reflecting his progress, and the dream messages are based on positive dream symbols.

Your dreams will open your eyes and show you exactly why you are suffering, what you have to do in order to stop suffering, and a lot more. You’ll have the unconscious guidance helping you solve each problem of your life, and at the same time, helping you constantly evolve.

This is a special depression treatment that helps you completely develop your intelligence and use your extraordinary brain power. You will discover that you are very intelligent, but you couldn’t use all your capacities before passing through psychotherapy.

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Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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