A new way to cover the windows was discovered way back in 19th or 20th century. Since then, blinds have been used extensively for home and office interiors. The variety of blinds that are available today is uncountable. Blinds give a more sophisticated look to your area than the curtains and so these were more popular in workplaces and offices than at homes. But now given the beautiful peppy colors and designs of these blinds, they have made their place in every home-maker’s heart and home.

This is the era of spacious air conditioned offices, sky scrapers and their neat interiors. Most of the sky scrapers are glittering glass covered ones, which makes them look aesthetic. Covered with glass windows from top to bottom which are usually not solar windows not only makes the people working inside uncomfortable with too much light and heat, but it also increases the cost of energy. The intelligent way to deal with harsh sun is to use blackout blinds.

Black out roller blinds is yet another variety used for the same purpose. These blinds are specifically designed for toughness and are highly durable. These are made up of black out fabric and coated with metallic finish on one side to make it heat resistant. These are neat accessories which create the right ambience for your workplace.

The patterned blinds in subtle pastel colors could go very well with the aesthetic design and theme of your office. There are specially designed horizontal and vertical blinds in numerous colors and styles of your choice. Blinds are the best way to add that style and panache to your windows and keep the sunlight away at the same time.

Blinds are not just limited to offices and work areas. They are a big hit in homes also. Blackout rollers and honeycomb shades in different colors are available to block out the sun and give your home that subtly dark look. Wooden blinds and mini blinds are much more in demand when it comes to homes, because they give a very cozy and warm look as compared to plastic made neutral colored blinds which are more suited to offices.

Blinds have variety not only in designs but also in materials that they are made up of. Different materials are used to give different flexibility and look. Wooden blinds are usually known as venetian blinds and these come in number of varieties depending on the quality and thickness of wood. These fashionable blinds beautifully accessorize to up the style quotient of your room. They provide a perfect combination of grace and utility for all types of interiors. The natural look of wood gives the earthy sophistication to your living area. Aluminum and plastic blinds are more suited to areas that have direct contact with water like kitchen and bathrooms.

Conservatory blinds are designed to maintain a cool and pleasant ambience in your conservatory, which makes this place perfect to unwind, relax and to spend time with family. These are made up of Aluminized finish to keep the hot, harsh sun from making your conservatory a hot house.

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