A Solution to A deplorable Statistic!

Only 6% of Canadian companies have an Indigenous Inclusion strategy!
In this article find out how a unique functionality on the ITFC economic inclusion network provides an effective solution for the other 94% of Canadian companies who do not have an Indigenous inclusion strategy.

There is so much going in the world today, it's more important than ever to share and learn from each other.

I remember someone say,

“I don’t learn a lot when I am talking but I learn a lot when I am listening”

I was profoundly moved by that statement. The community based Indigenous liaison officer initiative we have brought to the economic inclusion network, Itstimeforchange.ca provides an opportunity for Canada’s corporate and business community to listen. Benefiting from an Indigenous engagement and inclusion opportunity on a more intimate level.

Providing a venue for corporate Canada to reach out, listen and learn from community members with specific experience and insights that can move their economic agenda forward. In doing so, we can not only elevate our own business interests, we can enhance the economic well being of Indigenous Canadians, their communities and businesses all across the country.

Within this process, we have an opportunity to embrace the diversity that we know benefits all Canadians!

Covid has crippled our economy.

What the business community has learned from this worldwide economic and health crisis is that we have to be more responsive, we have to be able to pivot, retool, adapt and embrace new ways of doing business. We have learned that we can work from home and become even more productive. We have learned that embracing technology, enhancing our personal digital capacity will help us transition to a new economy.

The indigenous liaison officer will provide Canadian business with an opportunity to benefit from a community who have a vested interest in advancing the economic interests of those they interreact with. It’s easy for us who have worked with and for Indigenous communities, to speak of the amazing economic opportunity that exists, but for most business, the reality is that they do not know where to start!

Here is why. Only 6% of Canadian companies have an Indigenous inclusion strategy! Imagine out of 1.7 million businesses in Canada only 6% have Indigenous inclusion strategies and most of them are in the resource industry. This is the fifth year anniversary of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s final report and we still have so much yet to do! How is it possible to think we are making a difference when 94% of Canadian business are not engaged!

What possible defence can the business community offer? They do have one. In discussions all across the country business owners cite the lack of meaningful and effective options to engage Indigenous Canadians, their communities and businesses. The focus here should be on the word “effective” as many have argued that conferences and assemblies are costly and rarely generate opportunity that justifies the costs. I spoke with a business owner in Maitland, Nova Scotia and a member of one of Canada’s better-known organizations. When asked what is your membership doing for you he promptly replied nothing! He explained that once a year he travelled to Toronto for an annual meeting, incurred a lot of costs on top of his membership fees without a glimmer of new prospects. This is unfortunate and another reality we have to change. The costs with association memberships can be outrageous, sometimes reaching up to $25,000 annually.

This is one of the reasons we developed the community-based Indigenous Liaison Officer initiative.

TD Bank’s research puts the value of the Indigenous market around $31 Billion dollars, that was four years ago! Why would you NOT want to know more about this market! The “indigenous economy” is growing and we want to bring it to the attention of the 94% of Canada business community who have yet to embrace and benefits from an effective indigenous economic engagement strategy.

You can and should, (we actually recommend you when restrictions are lifted), continue to embrace and attend meetings, conventions and assemblies, this is and can be an effective strategy. What we are suggesting is that you complement your efforts by reaching out to a liaison officer and let them become part of your team. The liaison officer is perhaps the most cost-effective indigenous inclusion strategy your company could adopt.

We are building a network and the infrastructure to support over 37,000 Liaison officers across this country. Making sure that regardless of your product or service, where you are geographically or the size of your business that there is an ILO to meet your needs

What we choose to do today will alter the economic reality of tomorrow. It is our efforts, individually and collectively that will lead to further societal change.

This is an opportunity for Canada’s business community to advance their economic agenda, to harness Indigenous talent and make a real difference in creating an economic reality that is good for all Canadians.

Its Time for Change

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ITFC economic inclusion network provides an effective solution for the other 94% of Canadian companies who do not have an Indigenous inclusion strategy.