Do you suffer from low self-esteem due to cracked teeth or stained teeth? Do you take joy in smiling broadly even in the event of crooked teeth? Davinci veneers provide the best solution for damaged teeth by installing them on the gaps and giving people the illusion you have perfect teeth. Veneer can be described as a material layer that is placed over the teeth, serving for aesthetics or for more serious cases as protection from damage to the tooth surface. Veneers in Houston TX are for people who suffer from chipping in teeth, Spaces among teeth or misaligned teeth. In the dentist world, one of the most popular procedures includes the cosmetic enhancement of the teeth by in house tooth whitening, which makes them white to the eye. The best dental service should leave the client’s smile more and top notch without any complications.

Tooth whitening can be a very sensitive topic as many people have different theories and misconceptions about it. For instance, in house tooth whitening cannot make complete color changes, but lighten the shade to a better-looking one. The most dangerous teeth staining agents include by food and beverages such as coffee, tea, wine, and sodas. Smoking can also be dangerous to teeth as it stains and forms tar on top of the enamel. Scheduling regular in office tooth whitening is the way to go as calculus or tartar is removed easily. Tartar is resilient and can only be removed by certified dentists. Failure to remove the tartar can cause gum disease leading to tooth loss. In addition to professional whitening, Davinci veneers should be included to fill up cracks as failure to would allow subsurface staining caused by antibiotics or food slipping into the cracks. Combining the two treatments will make you have the best smile as your teeth will be as perfect as they ever were.

In office tooth whitening is generally safer than at home whitening as the dentist team will be there for professional consultations. The first thing the team does is add a rubber shield or gel on your gums to prevent the bleaching agent from damaging your teeth. They then add the whitening product to the teeth using special trays that fit into your mouth perfectly. The whitening product is actually carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, as the product is broken down, oxygen gets into enamel and the color changes to a lighter shade. The treatment if combined with Davinci veneers can last within four to six weeks. On the first visit, they need to get an impression of your teeth to give you the perfect mouth guard. Once you get the mouth guard you will then be required to apply the whitening product for another four weeks at home for at least 30 minutes. If you do not want the home route you can ask the dentist for a power treatment during in office tooth whitening. The dentist will add the bleaching agent and shine laser lights to activate it. The procedure achieves the best results but is usually expensive. Laser lights can also achieve the best results as they can change the color to six shades lighter than the original, but at a higher cost.

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