How to make the recepies your grandma used to cook? Is it possible to become even closer to the taste of the past? Can we achieve that easy? One way at least to try that is to purchase a Dutch Oven ( the same as the one your parents used to use when you were a kid).

If today is the day in which you are going to buy a Dutch oven for your home, here are some tips which will help you find and buy a good quality piece.

The different types

There are two types of Dutch ovens - a cast iron one and aluminum one.
Aluminum ovens are much lighter and easier to use. Also they require less maintenance and cleaning because they can hardly rust.
On the other hand cast iron ovens require a lot of maintenance because they are very susceptible to rust. Even more some cast iron ovens must be cleaned by an oven cleaning company at least once a year. Therefore, if you opt for buying a cast iron oven make sure that you read the London oven cleaning company section in the yellow pages so that you can find a company that will clean your oven once a year.

What makes the food's taste so unique?

A difference between both types of ovens is that the aluminum ones heat up and cool down more quickly than cast iron alternatives. Also aluminum ovens distribute the heat in an entirely different manner compared to their counterparts.

Cast iron Dutch ovens require a much longer heating time but also they cool down more slowly which keeps the food warm for a longer period of time – which is very useful if you are not in a mood to immediately try out the meal that you have prepared. Also cast iron ovens are much more efficient during windy days as you can much more easily maintain a constant temperature.

Another difference between cast iron and aluminum Dutch ovens is that cast iron ovens are much more expensive as they are considered to be a sort of professional cooking equipment while aluminum ovens have a more regular status.

At that point if you start hearing the puking sound of the fire and feel the smell of the meal, this means that you probably should consider having one of these ovens for yourself (even if it is not a brand new one).

Regardless which type of Dutch oven you choose make sure that the oven stands on long, thick and sturdy legs. Some Dutch ovens come with flat bottoms which do not allow air to circulate underneath and around the coals. This makes the ovens rather inefficient when it comes to cooking. Therefore always opt for a legged Dutch oven. The legs must be thick and sturdy so that they can provide stability. The reason why the legs must be long is that the longer the legs are the more air will flow under and around the coals when you are cooking.

So, hopefully with these tips you will be able to pick just the right oven for you and your family. The perfect one should be able to send you back in time and deliver the comfort, calmness and warmth of the past days.

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