What can an owner or manager do to boost their employees’ moral, while staying on budget? A big corporation has its HR Strategy and almost unlimited budgets to execute it. However, a small business owner or entrepreneur could use some help with coming up with effective but inexpensive ways of motivating their employees. It is well-known that there is no single approach or strategy that can instantly motivate all people in the company and keep them motivated throughout their employment. Every company has different goals. Different companies consists of different and unique people, with their unique points of view, ideas, and values. That is why small business owners need to find multiple strategies and to combine them properly. 411 Locals is sharing 10 motivational models that can keep your employees happy, motivated, and well-performing.

Socialize with your employees just to get to know them. When you develop a stronger relationship with your staff, they will like you more and will be better motivated to work for people they know in person. This is also a great way to get a better idea of what makes them work better. Personal attention matters. For example, your company can organize Friday Coffee events, where you, as a business owner, will be able to chat informally with your employees on different topics. 411 Locals remonds you to Learn about your employees’ families, hobbies, and interests.

Recognize their progress and achievements. Reward your employees when they do something outstanding. Write them a Thank You letter, put their name on the bulletin board. In the case of exceptional results and ability, give them a raise or a bonus. Ask the person to tell more about their achievements and share them with the rest of the team. An inside real person success story can be such a great motivator. Recognizing individual achievement is great; however, make sure to recognize the team effort too. No one on your team should feel under appreciated.

Recognize your employees as a strong and healthy team. You can spend some time to praise your employees of the great teamwork they have done so far. Just let your people know they are doing an awesome job as a team. Hold a meeting and discuss all team achievements. Point out exactly how the team is contributing to the company mission and goals. Recognize the efforts of your team and be positive about them. For example, you can send weekly emails with the latest team achievements. Make sure to give more positive than negative feedback on the performance of your staff members. However, if there is room for improvement, mention that too.

Reward your employees for their achievements and hard work. You may already have a rewarding system. Is it necessary to make changes and improve it? This does not always mean more money. Just make it more realistic and functional. A budget-free reward project could be telecommuting. Offer the employees who do the best job to work from home for a certain amount of time. Another reward could be 20 or 30 minutes of additional break . You may be surprised to see how enthusiastic and more productive they will become.

Let your employees know each other better. Create social events. Your staff members will be more excited to come to work and to do their job well if they know each other better. For example, let them go out for a lunch together once a month. Or even twice a month. This will reduce the feel of isolation and help the new team members to adapt better to the working environment. Organize a mini team building after normal work hours. Do not be afraid to join the party in person.

Another free of charge approach could be theme days. When used properly, these theme days will benefit you greatly. People will start feeling better and have more positive attitude. This lowers work-related stress and improves productivity. A theme day could be organizing tastings of homemade food that your employees will bring to work and giving awards to the best cooks. Dressing up for holidays could be a great idea too. Pick a summer day, and have a Hawaiian theme party. Exchanging presents can be the great idea for Christmas.

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