Everything in the physical/material world first begins with a thought or idea. This applies both to the creation of our physical bodies and the bodies of plants and flowers as well.

Let’s take the example of a lotus.

The growing of the lotus begins with first an idea or thought in the “mind” of the angel or deva of the lotus. To actually build the physical form, the deva extends into the etheric plane a part of itself. So it uses its own energy to build the form of the lotus. This energy is made of elemental essence. And it is this elemental essence that the devas and building devas use to build the physical form of the lotus. The lotus is first built on the etheric plane, and through the help of etheric building devas, the vibration of the flower is then stepped down until it takes on physical form.

As the lotus takes physical form, the so-called fairy is attracted to it by universal law and begins to nurture the lotus and care for it. Voilà! Now you have a beautiful lotus (very simplified).

The Integrated Ascended Master continually reminds himself that this world and the infinite omniverse is alive with angels, devas and all kinds of beautiful beings of love and light. He is determined to so purify and elevate his consciousness so he can actually learn to see the beauty and majesty that is all around him.

Article #156: Simple Creative Visualization to Claim your Personal Power

Make yourself comfortable, preferably sitting on a chair with your feet firmly on the floor, making sure your arms and legs are uncrossed and your spine straight.

Relax now, breathing deeply once or twice, allowing your entire body to feel calm and tranquil.

Imagine now that you are surrounded and cocooned in a powerful golden light. You may see it like a dome or a golden bubble that covers your entire body and stretches out as far and as high as you can visualize it outside of your body.

This golden bubble or dome will protect your auric field from any negative energy which may try to enter it, such as verbal attacks or unwanted negative energies of any kind. This is a semi permeable bubble of golden light which means it will only let in positive and empowering energies that are uplifting and inspiring. Any energies of a negative kind will be blocked off.

Now visualize yourself holding a blue sword in your right hand which is pointing towards Heaven. This sword is a Spiritual sword of power and protection; it will help to keep you fully protected on a Spiritual and psychological level. It is symbolic of you claiming your divine inheritance of power and also protecting yourself on all levels.

See now another protective tool which will empower your sense of protection, and visualize yourself wearing a breast plate of armour. Along with your sword of power and protection it will infuse and add to the Spiritual idea and concept that you are using personal power effectively in your everyday life.

To make this visualization even more powerful, say the following affirmations to fully claim your personal power each and every day:

- I own my personal power 100% and vow to never give it away to anyone or anything.
- I am the master and director of my life.
- I am 100% invulnerable to other people's negative energy.
- I am the cause of my feelings and emotions, not other people. I will not give them this power over me ever again.
- I am powerful and decisive in everything I do.

When you are ready, take a deep breath and feeling 100% powerful and empowered you may resume your day!

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