Question: I know to call on Divine Mother when I am feeling ruffled or angry, if I'm aware that I am out of alignment. The problem seems to be that I am not aware that I am out of alignment. The anger or the fear takes me over. How can we be more aware when we are not in alignment to come back?

Divine Mother: Very good question, thank you. You will be uncomfortable when you are out of alignment. Anger is discomfort. Fear is discomfort. Decide to notice. That is the first important thing: decide to notice.

Sometimes the energy of fear or anger grabs you because it is very strong. You want to reference a stronger energy, and that is Divine Mother. You can use any name of God, like Jesus, Buddha, Ram. When I say Divine Mother, I mean a name that vibrates Divine Truth, the Divine Truth that we are Whole and One with all that is. So choose a name that vibrates that.

You are going to decide that you will start noticing when you are out of alignment. Then you're going to ask for help. You're going to call on a more powerful energy than the energy that has gripped you, the fear or anger. Sometimes we might even call it “ego madness”. It is kind of an exhilaration of arrogance. As you work with your discernment, you will notice. If you are doing anything like putting someone down, or perhaps making a joke at another's expense, that kind of thing is a type of arrogance. Also the feelings of unworthiness, pain, lack of value -- those are also “ego madness”. If you are going into the depths of despair and depression, you need my help for that as well.

What is necessary is for the energy to change. All of this healing that you have been learning about today is about shifting your energy from vibrating out of alignment with Source and the flow of Source, and stepping into that alignment. The Divine name will start the process. You might have to repeat the Divine name again and again. This is what mantras do. It is the Divine name repeated over and over again. Now I'm talking about a Divine name used in activity when you are in the midst of being overwhelmed. You can ask for help. Or you could start saying “Om Namah Shivaya”. Or you could say “Ram”, or “Jesus Christ”, or “Mother Mary”. They are Divine names and they vibrate the presence of that life energy.

If you feel something like despair, just say the name again and again. Say it until you start to come back into alignment. Then, you can start to do other things, because you'll be more conscious and alert and aware. The few steps toward alignment fills you with huge amounts of Wholeness, so you will start to become more alert and aware of what is happening to you. Then you can do whatever is necessary based on the environment that you are in. You might have to apologize to someone for yelling at them. You might have to take yourself out of the environment. You will be guided as to what to do.

You might need to use some of the healing tools to break the energy, saying “break, break”, or “go, go”. The Divine name will bring you back. It is your touchstone. You say it and repeat it, and it will bring you into alignment with me. I am all the Divine personages, I am the Wholeness. It will bring you back into alignment with me. You do have to choose to do it. There is a choice involved, a decision to make. This is because you are a human being who has been given freedom of choice. The ability to choose is something you will continue to work with as long as you're in human form -- choosing where you will put your attention. You choose to shift your attention from the overwhelming experience to God. You are making that choice. You are always in charge.

I like it when you are aligned with me so that we can be in charge as one. In that place, there is no separation. That is what we are moving into -- the unity, so that your thoughts and my thoughts are one always.

You are much closer to this than you know. Your attention and intention now just need tweaking. All of the consciousness that you have developed for years, for lifetimes -- you are now learning the skills of moving the intention to what needs to be healed, trusting your Infinite Self. This is the polishing on the sculpture that you have created out of your own life from so many years of prayers and meditation and disciplining yourself. It is beautiful. I am honored to be offering you these tools. They will make all the difference in your life.

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