Microsoft Outlook Express is an Email and News client. It is included with MS Windows and few Internet Explorer versions. Using MS Outlook Express we can create and use multiple email accounts in a single window. It uses POP, IMAP & HTTP as incoming email server protocols to download emails and SMTP server protocol to process outgoing mails. MS Outlook Express use .dbx files to store the data. Outlook Express will not store its entire attribute data in a single .dbx file instead it uses individual file for each attribute like for Inbox data is stored in Inbox.dbx file and Sent Item data are stored in Sent Items.dbx file. In turn the collection of all .dbx file for each email account stored in another file folder along with the settings. What happens if the .dbx file gets corrupted or deleted? The entire data stored in that particular .dbx file and the settings for that email account may be lost. Sometimes you may also delete some significant email messages by accident. In such situation, you have to make use of a third party email recovery tool in order to recover deleted email from Outlook Express.

Here are the few reasons:

• When .dbx file reaches or exceeds its size i.e. 2GB or more
• Files may corrupt or delete due to third party applications like antivirus
• Relocation of the dbx .file or folder by the user
• Deleting a .dbx file accidentally
• MS Outlook Express Crashes due to power surge may lead to corrupt or deletion of a .dbx file

In all the above situations .dbx file or file folder may get corrupt or delete which may lead to data loss. What should be done to get the deleted data or settings back? Is it possible to get all the deleted emails? If yes, how you can recover deleted or lost Outlook Express emails?

If you come across any of the above conditions and face the data loss problem, my suggestion is to make use of the third party applications for your email recovery along with all the settings of your email account. There are plenty of applications available to repair and recover your .dbx file or .dbx file folder. These applications are safe to use because they are non-destructive read-only software which does not harm your original .dbx file. Instead they read the content of the .dbx file and create another copy. These newly created files are in the .eml file format which you can later easily import back to your MS Outlook Express with all the settings and emails. Demo version of this email recovery tool is available for download on the internet, which helps you to preview the recovered data before saving. Upon satisfying with the trial version you can buy the complete version software in order to save your recovered data into particular storage device.

Author's Bio: 

Mark Begich is a leading e-campaigner for open source software. As a campaign activist he manages large data base and plays a key role in moderating discussions and coordinating events. He has written many articles to share his expertise in handling mailing lists, e-mail archiving and recover deleted email from Outlook Express.