During a recent webcast, I hosted with a highly successful and multi-million dollar CEO, I learned several “insider secrets” about how she created not one, but two network marketing businesses that each yielded over a million dollars, annually! I was riveted by each tip, insight and strategy she gave. And as is often the case, it’s not “rocket science” but sometimes it has to be heard in a different context or from a different person for it to “hit home.”

There were so many lessons that can impact your business growth…like being focused, consistent and leveraging others to help you. But there was one huge insight she shared that I think will make the biggest difference for every business owner, whether network marketer or not. And that insight is…“taking 100% responsibility for what happens.” When she said this, I was impressed that a CEO would say that and surprised that she felt it was the biggest mindset shift needed to grow her business to multi-millions!

Why surprised? Because so many business owners are finding it too easy to blame the economy, their clients, the weather – anything but themselves for taking responsibility for what happens in their business. I want to stop the whining and complaining! So I present three simple ways to help you take 100% responsibility for what happens in your business, today!

#1 Pay attention to what’s happening in your market
“What is going on around here?” Are you asking yourself that question when your leads are drying up or your current/former clients aren’t buying? Are you bringing more programs, products or services to the market and not seeing any activity in the plus column?

Perhaps something is afoot? If you’re seeing your competition offering their programs at lower price points then in the past; or workshops/seminars that deliver great value are not filling up or maybe popular products are being taken off the market, pay attention. There could be a major shift underway. Maybe clients are hungry for something different, more exciting, more results-driven or even done-for-you options. When you look up from your business and see something that seems a bit off or a bit different, you just gotta pay attention.

It reminds me of the movie “Independence Day”. Remember the scene when Will Smith comes out of his home reading the paper and drinking his coffee and people are running around and yelling. He finally looks up and sees the spaceship. Same idea, folks. You don’t want to be the last to know.

You want to be on the upside of the wave that’s forming right in front of you and to get there you have to pay attention and then take action.

#2 Ask your clients, “what’s different?”
We often ask, in surveys or during client conversations, about the challenges our clients are experiencing and would like to see addressed. We have to shift that discussion to an area we might not want to hear about. And that question may be, “What do you want that would be unusual and different from what you get today, from myself or others in this market?” This is a scary question for a business owner to ask. You may be embarrassed or hurt that your client wouldn’t be 100% satisfied with what you have to offer! It may be that they want a lower price, a different service or product than you offer or that YOU do it for them.

But if you ask this question, you get to lead the upside of the wave, instead of being carried by it. And people want to work with leaders who are satisfying their needs in the way that reflects that you listen and respond. Isn’t that the best position to be in?

#3 Be willing to give up your “successful” past
Beyond hearing what you don’t want to or what may be painful to hear from your clients, you must be willing to shift or give up your “successful” past. Let me give you an example to make the point clear.

During a recent presentation by a speaker I knew, I realized she was giving the same presentation I’d heard a year earlier. She has been enormously successful, multi-millions successful. But I watched as her presentation fell flat. She was not paying attention to the changing market. Obviously, she either hadn’t asked or listened to her prospects or clients, or their changing needs, and she was unwilling to give up her successful past. I also learned that I wasn’t the only one in the room who had heard the same presentation and that made all the difference in deciding whether to purchase her product.

But there is something that changes if you take 100% responsibility for what happens. You update your presentation and speak to the current needs of your prospects and create a new level of success for yourself that includes them. This puts you at the top of the wave.

If you’re truly committed to building a successful, million-dollar (or more) business, this is a powerful mindset shift that accelerates your growth. So take 100% responsibility for what happens in your business (oh yeah and in your life) and watch what happens!

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Chris Makell, marketing mentor/coach, is particularly skilled at guiding her clients to “Think Big…Play Bigger™” to successfully create 6 & 7 figure businesses. Her clients include service professionals who are "corporate escapees" who want to be "thriving entrepreneurs".

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