Here’s a simple and a quick way to build attraction with a woman or a girl, yet many guys overlook this when they are looking to get the woman or girl they like attracted to them.

This simple but often overlooked tip is none other than mini-dating.

Yes, while you can talk to a girl to create a connection, you can use mini-dating to your advantage, and build attraction and connection quickly with her.

This is not dating in the traditional sense

Traditional dating is meeting for dinner and going to the movies without any other activities involved.

But mini-dating is different.

With mini-dating you engage in multiple-adventures. Thus, you go to different exciting places (most specifically, places of interest) and have a good time together.

The objective here is to give the woman a fun experience. And make the time you spend together more alluring and exciting.

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How mini-dating helps build attraction quickly

One of the major attributes women look for in a guy is fun – a guy who can provide enjoyment and fun experience. This is the kind of guy women are drawn to. Because they want to have fun as well.

Plus, keep in mind you’re probably not the only guy trying to win a particular girl over.

The average girl has tons of guys trying to impress her and whatnot.

Every other guy is texting her, talking to her on the phone to try and build rapport. She’s probably gone to the movies with a few, and also gone on a dinner date with them.

But she’s probably NEVER experienced mini-dating with these guys.

Now, when YOU TOO only take her out to dinner and to the movies, you become like the rest. You become average.

But you NEED NOT be average.

You need to STAND OUT from the other guys she’s met.

You need to become unique and interesting.

And one of the best ways to do this is to mini-date with her to give her an alluring and exciting experience. Take her out to interesting places and make her have a good time with you.

Because the more you make her have fun around you, the more you will increase her attraction for you.

How to mini-date with her… the things to do

Go to places where you can show her an interesting and unique time.

Go to flea markets or fairs.

Take her window shopping.

Go to a comedy club, music events, art galleries, plays, game arcade, etc.

Take a walk on the park, HOLDING HANDS, talking, and having a great time together.

You can even go hiking.

Make sure your time together is memorable and fun. So try to go to places of interest to her, or do things you both enjoy.

If she likes arts and galleries, go there.

If she has an interest in photography, then you can go out for some photo shoot.

Use your imagination, because there’re tons of interesting things you can do together.

Here’s the good news:

Not only is she having fun with you, but this also creates a fun memory that will get her to think about you. Especially when something reminds her of the fun experiences you’ve both experienced together…

…and this is an advantage you have over the other guys she’s met.

Now, here’s the secret:

You can go to the movies, but like I mentioned earlier, every guy she’s ever dated has done that. So you’d need to stand out.

If you want to go to a movie, then make sure you don’t spend several hours just sitting there. Find more time afterwards to engage in other interesting and memorable activities.

The goal here should be about MAXIMIZING the time you spend together. And create an emotional attraction with her by doing exciting things together.

This makes you stand out, because she probably hasn’t experienced this with any other guy before.

A common mistake to avoid

Don’t spend too much money on a girl to impress her.

"The more money you spend on a woman, the less she appreciates it" says dating expert Joseph Matthews

Instead, find fun and interesting things to do or engage in that don’t cost a lot of money.

An important stuff to know… the best time to mini-date with a girl

When you first meet a girl, it is a tendency to go for her phone number, and try to meet up with her on a later date.

Now, instead of asking for her phone number to meet up on a later date, I recommend you mini-date with her the first day of meeting her. (Of course, thus when you have enough time to spend the day together.)

Then go for her phone number when you’re unable to hang out with her any longer.

Truth is, you’d want to stand out from other guys she meets to get her interested in you.

Like I mentioned earlier, the average girl has tons of guys trying to win her over. Therefore, mini-dating with a girl you like establishes and strengthens the connection between the two of you.

Understand this:

When you don’t gain rapport and connect very quickly with a girl you like, she might give you a fake phone number.

Even if you’re lucky to get her real number, either she will never return your calls, or it could take forever to get together with her again.

So, instead of asking for her number straight away, mini-date with her for as long as you could the very first day you meet her.

Then when you’ve spent the whole day having quality fun and it’s time to go your separate ways, you ask her out or make plans to see each other again. Then once you’ve set up a date, you ask for her number or exchange numbers.

Mini-date with a girl the first day of meeting her, and mini-date with her afterwards.

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Why you need to mini-date with a girl the first day of meeting her…

Okay, so let’s say you meet a girl, you talk for a few minutes, then exchange numbers to meet up on a later date.

Sure, she might like you at the beginning, but with time the feelings and attraction subsides.

"While you might have built up a deep connection, you can lose it when a woman’s life gets in the way. Between her job, family, friends, hobbies, and other guys, you’re literally competing for her attention" says dating expert Steve Scott.


So there you have it – how to build attraction with a woman or a girl quickly.

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