Direct mailing is a cost-effective method of marketing your business to a targeted audience. One of the best things about this method is that you can personalize your campaign to fit your prospect's interests and needs, in order to get the highest possible return on investment. But in spite of direct mail’s usefulness, most businesses are not equipped to handle direct mail processes, requiring them to outsource it to direct mailing companies.

Direct mailing companies come in all sorts of sizes and competence. The best way to start your decision-making process when choosing a provider is to determine exactly what part of the campaign your staff can handle and which part has to be outsourced. Keep in mind the following questions:

- Do you have a qualified graphics design staff to handle the design of your direct mail pieces?

- Do they have the right software programs to create professional-quality ads?

- Do you have a storeroom to stock up the materials you'll need for your direct mail campaign?

- Do you have a sufficient number of staff to handle the affixing of address and stamps on the envelopes?

- Do you have the resources to track sent mails?

If you answered ‘No’ to most of these questions, then you need the solution a direct mailing company can provide. When choosing a direct mailing company, it is very important that you know which tasks should be outsourced and which of them you can do in-house.

In Amarillo, you can hire any of the several direct mailing companies in the area. In general, choosing a local company would be a good idea. You may choose to visit any Amarillo direct mailing company's office to request a tour of the facility and check out their printing area as well as the warehouse.

Ask the direct mailing company of your choice if they use a third-party mailer for distribution. Be wary if they do because you may lose the chance to personalize and brand your envelopes with your own logo. Depending on the nature of your mail piece and the level of personalization you require, this aspect is an important consideration as it could affect the success of your campaign. Remember, too many cooks spoil the broth. The more vendors involved in your project, the more chances of finger-pointing happening once there is a mistake in the process.

Make sure that the direct mail company has a good tracking system for the distribution. To get the most of your direct mailing campaign, you need to know which mails fail to reach their destinations and why. It must also be cleared how the direct mailing company handles returned mail. How can you be notified just in case? Also, you should be informed on what stock is still sitting in their warehouse for future mailings. Ensure that the company has the capability to track your mail – the moment it arrives in post offices and the day it is delivered – in order for you to know accurately when to anticipate for responses.

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