Lifting, hoisting or carrying heavy objects manually can have an adverse impact on the health of your workers. It is always advisable to use a shop crane to carry out such tasks in a short time frame with minimum energy usage. Also referred to as a floor crane, this machine proves to be beneficial to sectors including but not limited to warehousing, material management facilities, manufacturing, auto motives, construction, welding, paint industry, garages and workshops. These cranes are a great investment because they last long and save you unmatched amounts of time and energy. If you constantly need to shift your crane from one spot to another, you could opt for the fold able or portable crane.

What are the defining factors of a shop crane?

The first thing you need to consider is the weight lifting capacities of the crane. In most cases, a crane that is meant for average use should have a weight lifting capacity of 1,000lbs. You could always choose a heavy duty crane model if you need to deal with larger loads. The height of the crane matters too. A height of about 8 feet to 12 feet should suffice for regular lifting or hoisting operations on a shop floor. Choosing a crane which lacks in height could leave you with unsatisfactory results. The next most important parameters to consider are the effectiveness and economy of the crane. Typically, you would need these cranes around shop floor, garage, construction site, warehouse or any other facility where you might need to lift, load, assemble and position heavy objects. The crane should be able to carry loads efficiently and safely.

Moreover, you might need to disassemble the crane from time to time for transportation or storage. You should be able to carry out these functions in a quick and easy manner. No matter how bulky a shop crane is, rapid and hassle-free disassembling plays a major role. There are certain crane varieties that can be disassembled in as less as two minutes. They can be turned into a compact package that you could slide underneath cupboards or desks. Additionally, make sure to check if the crane complies with OSHA regulations for safe workplace operations. The safety and durability of the crane is paramount and it is safe not to have a lackadaisical approach to these factors.

If you need a portable crane at, you could discuss your requirements with a reputable manufacturer. Apart from a crane, it is also advisable to invest in ancillary accessories and attachments such as extension booms, wide-legged wheelbase, narrow-legged wheelbase, manual winch cable lift, powered winch cable lift etc. These days a number of manufacturers have an online presence, which helps you browse through their website and products before making a final decision. Most leading manufacturers also give you the option of customizing your shop crane in case you don’t find your desired product in their standard offerings.

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