Being a writer is a struggle that one longs for when it comes down to writing stuff for people requiring it. The most challenging part of being a writer is that it’s an individual struggle. And good writers for sure get many opportunities for writing online.

A writer thus plays a vital role in enhancing one’s writing career. An online writing community gives feedbacks, comments, compliments to other writers and pinpoints their good and bad things.

They also support their contents. And for this purpose people have introduced numerous platforms inviting people to interact with each other and get a complete package for writing.


It is one of the websites which is quite famous among potential writers in progress since 5 years and no doubt there are numerous opportunities for writers to get tips and discernible suggestion. Here you will find people giving friendly advices for developing and improving comprehension skills. This website is owned by Melissa which has introduced an inspiring resource for writers who get numerous chances to go through others work and get suggestions on own work.

Writers Workshop:

It is another amazing website which I have experienced myself with good atmosphere and people having skills to write. Here people can get more than adequate information for writing. It gives a chance to test your creative writing providing the writers with numerous tips and ideas on different projects. You will get immediate feedback if you submit queries regarding your content. It also offers tutorials and classes for people who are interested to be writers making it the best trait of website for professionals as well as beginners.

Writing World:

This is a website which facilitates its writers by providing a chance to discuss on books and scripts written by other contents. Plus, it has a facility for writing competitions for potential writers. Here numerous techniques are provided to let the writers to improve their writing comprehension under the guidance of Professional writers. Interested writers can participate in the competition worth the reward.

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